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Daikin VRV III-S RXYMQ36 48PVJU Service Manual Page 7

60 hz.
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may generate toxic gases if it comes into contact with
• Do not repair the electrical components with wet
hands. Working on the equipment with wet hands may
cause an electrical shock.
• Do not clean the air conditioner or heat pump by
splashing water on it. Washing the unit with water may
cause an electrical shock.
• Turn off the power when cleaning the equipment to
prevent internal fans that rotate at high speed from
starting suddenly as they can cause injury.
• Let the refrigerant lines cool down before performing
any repair work. Working on the unit when the
refrigerant lines are hot may cause burns.
• All welding and cutting operations must be done in a
well-ventilated place to prevent the accumulation of
toxic fumes or possibly oxygen deficiency to occur.
• Check the grounding before repairing equipment in a
humid or wet place to avoid electrical shocks.
Improper grounding may cause an electrical shock.
• Measure the insulation resistance after the repair. The
resistance must be 1M
may cause an electrical shock.
• Check the drainage of the indoor unit after finishing
repair work. Faulty drainage may cause water to enter
the room resulting in wet floors and furniture.
• Do not tilt the unit when removing it. The water inside
the unit may spill resulting in wet floors and furniture.
• Dismantling of the unit, disposal of the refrigerant, oil,
and additional parts, should be done in accordance
with the relevant local, state, and national regulations.
Safety Considerations for Users
• Never attempt to modify the equipment. Doing so can
cause electrical shock, excessive heat generation, or
• If the power cable and lead wires have scratches or
have become deteriorated, have them replaced.
Damaged cable and wires may cause an electrical
shock or fire.
• Do not use a joined power cable or an extension cord,
or share the same power outlet with other electrical
appliances as it may cause an electrical shock or fire.
• Use an exclusive power circuit for the equipment.
Insufficient circuit amperage capacity may cause an
electrical shock or fire.
• Do not damage or modify the power cable. Damaged
or modified power cables may cause an electrical
shock or fire. Placing heavy items on the power cable
or pulling the power cable may damage the cable.
or higher. Faulty insulation
• Check the unit foundation for damage on a continual
basis, especially if it has been in use for a long time. If
left in a damaged condition, the unit may fall and
cause injury. If the installation platform or frame has
corroded, have it replaced. A corroded platform or
frame may cause the unit to fall resulting in injury.
• If the unit has a power cable plug and it is dirty, clean
the plug before securely inserting it into a power
outlet. If the plug has a loose connection, tighten it or
it may cause electrical shock or fire.
• After replacing the battery in the remote controller,
dispose of the old battery to prevent children from
swallowing it. If a child swallows the battery, see a
doctor immediately.
• Never remove the fan guard of the unit. A fan rotating
at high speed without the fan guard is very
• Before cleaning the unit, stop the operation of the unit
by turning the power off or by pulling the power cable
plug out from its receptacle. Otherwise an electrical
shock or injury may result.
• Do not wipe the controller operation panel with
benzene, thinner, chemical dust cloth, etc. The panel
may get discolored or the coating can peel off. If it is
extremely dirty, soak a cloth in a water-diluted neutral
detergent, squeeze it well, and wipe the panel clean.
Then wipe it with another dry cloth.
Safety Considerations




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