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R410A Split Series
Split-Baureihe R410A
Manuel d'installation
R410A Split-systeem
Manual de instalación
Manuale d'installazione
Serie Multiambienti R410A
Εγχειρßδιο εγκατÜστασηò
διαιροýìενηò σειρÜò R410A
Manual de Instalação
Рóêоводство по монтажó
Серия R410A с раздельной óстановêой
Installation manual
R410A Split series
Série split R410A
Serie Split R410A
Série split R410A
Montaj kýlavuzlarý
R410A Split serisi


   Summary of Contents for Daikin R410A

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    Manuale d’installazione Italiano Serie Multiambienti R410A Εγχειρßδιο εγκατÜστασηò ΕλληνικÜ διαιροýìενηò σειρÜò R410A Models Manual de Instalação Portugues RXR28EV1B8 Série split R410A RXR42EV1B8 Рóêоводство по монтажó RXR50EV1B8 Рóссêий Серия R410A с раздельной óстановêой RXR28EV1B9 RXR42EV1B9 Montaj kýlavuzlarý Türkçe R410A Split serisi RXR50EV1B9...

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  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    • When installing or relocating the air conditioner, be sure to bleed the refrigerant circuit to ensure it is free of air, and use only the specified refrigerant (R410A). The presence of air or other foreign matter in the refrigerant circuit causes abnormal pressure rise, which may result in equipment damage and even injury.

  • Page 6

    Accessories Accessories supplied with the outdoor unit: Installation Manual Drain plug Humidifying hose (8m) Joint Elbow Refrigerant charge label Binding band Multilingual fluorinated greenhouse gases label There is on the bottom packing case. • The standard humidifying hose is 8m. •...

  • Page 7

    Outdoor Unit Installation Drawings Precautions for humidifying hose installation work. • Moisture on the outdoor unit is brought to the indoor unit together with air around the outdoor unit during humidifying operation. Install the outdoor unit in a clean and calm location. •...

  • Page 8: Installation Guidelines

    3) Never use piping which has been used for previous installations. Only use parts which are delivered with the unit. 4) Do never install a drier to this R410A unit in order to guarantee its lifetime. 5) The drying material may dissolve and damage the system.

  • Page 9: Refrigerant Piping

    1) Use the flare nut fixed to the main unit. (To prevent cracking of the flare nut by aged deterioration.) 2) To prevent gas leakage, apply refrigeration oil only to the inner surface of the flare. (Use refrigeration oil for R410A.) 3) Use torque wrenches when tightening the flare nuts to prevent damage to the flare nuts and gas leakage.

  • Page 10

    Stand the cylinder upright when when filling. filling. There is a siphon pipe inside, so the cylinder need not be upside-down to fill with liquid. • Be sure to use the R410A tools to ensure pressure and to prevent foreign objects entering. ■English...

  • Page 11: Important Information Regarding The Refrigerant Used

    (e.g. the Kyoto Protocol. Do not vent gases into the atmosphere. see unit name plate onto the inside of the stop valve cover). R410A Refrigerant type: 2 additional refrigerant amount charged in the field...

  • Page 12: Pump Down Operation

    Pump Down Operation In order to protect the environment, be sure to pump down when relocating or disposing of the unit. 1) Remove the valve cap from liquid stop valve and gas stop valve. 2) Carry out forced cooling operation. Gas stop valve Close 3) After five to ten minutes, close the liquid stop valve with a hexagonal wrench.

  • Page 13

    Wiring WARNING 1) Do not use tapped wires, stranded wires (CAUTION (1)), extension cords, or starburst connections, as they may cause over- heating, electrical shock, or fire. 2) Do not use locally purchased electrical parts inside the product. (Do not branch the power for the drain pump, etc., from the terminal block.) Doing so may cause electric shock or fire.

  • Page 14: Test Run And Final Check

    <Ground terminal installation> 1) Use the following method when installing a single core wire. Screw Flat washer A single core wire Arrow view 2) Use the following method when installing the round crimp-style terminal. Screw Screw Flat washer Round crimp- Flat washer Screw style terminal...

  • Page 15

    Two-dimensional bar code is a code for manufacturing. 3P190651-3K M12B052 (1210) HT...

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