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3.8.3 World clock
The function helps you to check times of main cities in different time zones and you can set the
phone time with the selected city's time. You can select if to use Daylight saving.
There are 2 time lines respectively on the upper and down side of the world map. The upper line
is time of certain foreign area and the down line is local time.
If there is a mark of Summer time on the side of the city it means it is Daylight saving for the city.
You can check other cities with different longitudes and latitudes using direction keys.
You can set foreign cities in options menu: Daylight saving and Set as local.
3.8.4 Stopwatch
The starting time of 00:00.0 is displayed on the screen. It will begin to time after [Start] soft key
is pressed with the soft keys change to [Pause] and [Clear]. Pressing [Pause] key can pause
timing and you can resume timing by [GO] soft key or OK key. Pressing [Clear] soft key can
reset the stopwatch value to zero.
The phone's stopwatch allows you to record several groups' values. You can record several
groups' values by pressing OK key during timing. The maximum groups number is 6. After 6


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents