Haier G32 - Smartphone Quick Guide

Haier G32 - Smartphone Quick Guide


Haier G32 - Smartphone Quick Guide

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Back -Back to the previous screen or exit

Home-Return to the Home screen

Recent apps key-long-To display the recent app list

Volume -Volume up/down. Continuously press to turn to silent and vibrate mode. Adjust the call volume.
Adjust the music playback volume.

Power - Press short to turn on/off the screen display. Press 3S to turn on/off the phone. Press 15S to restart the phone.

Open the Recent Applications
Press the recent key to open and quick access the recent applications. Slide left or right in the list to delete the applications.

Take a Screenshot
Press the power and volume down keys at the same time to take a quick screenshot for the current page.

Call Mute
Press the volume key to turn off the ring when there is a call.

Insert SIM Card and Micro-SD Card

Please power off the phone and pull out the battery before you are ready to insert the SIM card. If not, the SIM card might become damaged.

Insert SIM Card and Micro-SD Card

Insert SIM Card
The phone can support dual SIM Card. When you use two SIM Card, The SIM 1 can support 4G. When you use one SIM Card, both slot can support 4G.

Insert Memory Card
This phone supports external Micro-SD card (TF card) and can be extended up to 32GB、64GB、128GB.The memory card should be inserted into the card slot correctly to the position line. Please follow the picture shown above.

Home Screen

Home Screen

Notification Bar

Slide down the notification bar to read detail notice. Slide up or press the Back key ←back to the idle.

Notification Bar

Status of the Icons

Icons Functions
4G network in use
3.5G network in use
3G network in use
2G network in use
Battery level
Vibration mode
Flight mode
Call incoming
Call on hold
Missed calls
Connected to computer
Alarm activated
New voice mail

Documents / Resources

Download manual

Here you can download full pdf version of manual, it may contain additional safety instructions, warranty information, FCC rules, etc.

Download Haier G32 - Smartphone Quick Guide


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