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Barring status:
The meanings of items under Barring status are the same as above.
After you have chosen and confirmed the required item, the phone will send query application to
the network. Then the feedback from the network will be displayed on the screen with the
current status for your information.
Change CB PSW:
You can change the call barring password by this menu.
3.2.7 Factory settings
It is used to resume the set of parameters, including Environment modes, Phone settings, etc,
when in factory without deleting your personal data.

3.3 Profiles

Profiles allow you to use the preset parameters assembly by simple operation in special
conditions. There is a remark that means it is selected on the right side of the current mode.
Environment mode is a set of preset characteristics definitions. The previous settings will be
covered after it is enabled. The phone provides a set of default modes: Normal, Silent, Meeting
and Outdoor.
For each mode there is a set of default values (refer to the following table). You can personalize
according to your own preferences. The modified items will be saved into the mode and will be


Table of Contents

Table of Contents