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1.1.2 Control key Keypad control key
[On/Off] key:
It is red key on the right side of keypad. Other names are red key or power supply key.
When mobile phone is off, you can turn on the phone by long pressing the key.
When mobile phone is on, you can turn off the phone by long pressing the key under any state.
Under menus and editing state, short pressing the key can return to idle screen.
During a talk you can end the current call by pressing this key.
When there is an incoming call you can reject the call by this key.
[PickUp] key:
It is green key on the left side of keypad. Another name is green key. You can answer incoming
call and dial by this key.
Left Soft ([SKL]) key and Right Soft ([SKR]) key
In keypad area the Left Soft key is on the uppermost left and the Right Soft key is on the
uppermost right. Generally they correspond to functions indicated on the soft key indicating
area on the lower screen. Based on different definitions of programs there are different
Direction key
: Includes 4 keys of Up/Down/Left/Right keys.
[Up] key and [Down] key


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents