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groups have been recorded, you still can record new value by OK key with the earliest record
replaced by the new one.
3.8.5 Count-down timer
The function is similar to that of alarm clock except that you need to set the rest time of
reminding for timer. After it is on, you should input time and press OK key to save. Then the
timer begins to count down. When time is up you will be reminded.
Note: If the phone is off the timer can be auto turned on to remind you that time is up.

3.9 WAP

The phone has embedded WAP browser through whom you can browse contents of WAP in
Note: The GPRS service has to be taken from the network operator. Please contact your
operator for the same.
While using WAP browser for the first time you need to set WAP first.
Note: The operator settings have been preinstalled on the handset.If you are using some other
operator SIM card then you have to put the settings manually.Please contact your network
operator for the same


Table of Contents

Table of Contents