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[Up]/[Down] keys. Pressing left soft key can delete the selected SMS or all SMS in the set.
After selecting any SMS at random and pressing [OK] key you can enter the next page to check
the detailed content of the SMS. Now the Left Soft key are:
Send now: You can send SMS to the sender directly.
Forward: By menu of Forward , the selected SMS content will be displayed in the editor. You
can send it out after editing.
Delete: Delete the SMS. Settings
All options listed on the screen are:
Service center number
It is used to save the Service center number of your network. The number can be changed and if
it is empty SMS cannot be sent.
Status report
It is used to inform you of the status of SMS delivery: on and off.
Reply path
You can on or off. If it is enabled when the sender replies, the SMS he sends will use the center
that is just used by you, instead of his SMS center.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents