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Reject a call
You can press [Reject] soft key or [On/Off] key to reject.
Answer the second call (Network support is needed)
If call-waiting function has been set when there is a second call, reminder will pop up. Now you
Answer the second call and the current call is held.
Reject the second call by pressing [On/Off] key.

2.5 Inputting method

The inputting method used in the mobile phone is T9/ABC/123.
During usage you need to input text messages frequently, such as names in phonebook, SMS,
text in notebook, etc.
There are 3 types of inputting mode:
: T9 Intellectual English is allowed;
: You can press the key with the letter you need. Once pressing will display the
first letter on the key and quick pressing twice will display the second letter on the key.
Analogically you can press until the needed letter displayed on the screen;
Number 123
: Inputting of numbers is allowed;


Table of Contents

Table of Contents