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Left/Right keys.
This mobile phone supports lazy bone. When it is on you must press OK key twice to shut off
alarm really. Otherwise pressing other keys can only pause ringer temporarily and it will resume
after a while.
3.8.2 Calculator
The calculator can execute the four basic arithmetic operations of Plus/Minus/Multiple/Divide.
You can enter the number for calculation directly in the calculator menu. The numeric keys
correspond to numbers, and the [#] key refers to the decimal point. You can input */+- by
pressing the [Up] /[Down]/[Left]/[Right] keys. You can input Minus/Cancel minus by pressing [*]
key after numbers are inputted. Finally pressing [OK] key to get the calculating result.
Pressing [SKL] key can have following options: Clear, MC, MR, MS, M+, and Back.
Clear: Clear editing window and input again has no effect on contents of memory
MC: Memory Clear, Clear numbers in memory.
MR: Memory Read, read numbers in memory with the numbers saved in memory.
MS: Memory Store, store the displayed number into memory.
M+: Memory Plus, plus the displayed number with the number in memory and save the result
in memory.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents