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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Important Notes ............. 1 1.Mobile phone introduction .
  • Page 3 3.3Profiles ..............43 3.4Business .
  • Page 7: Mobile Phone Introduction

    1. Mobile phone introduction 1.1 Keypad area This phone has total 26 keys, which can be divided, into 3 parts: Number/alphabet key area, total 12 keys Keypad control key area, total 9 keys, including Up/Down/Left/Right/OK/Left Soft/Right Soft/[On/off]/PickUp keys. The outer flip of the phone has 5 control keys that are Up/Down/Left/Right/OK keys. 1.1.1 Number/alphabet key There are 12 Number/alphabet keys, which are listed in certain standard.
  • Page 11 1.1.2 Control key Keypad control key [On/Off] key: It is red key on the right side of keypad. Other names are red key or power supply key. When mobile phone is off, you can turn on the phone by long pressing the key. When mobile phone is on, you can turn off the phone by long pressing the key under any state.
  • Page 12 They are used to turn pages to display characters waiting to be selected in editor. Browse menu/list with same level. Browse SMS's content or other long text information. When pictures are under previewing they are used to select previous/next picture. When talking they are used to regulate volume to turn up/down volume gradually.
  • Page 13 5 keys can be valid only when the flip is closed. Operation details on Outer flip control keys are as following: Under flip-closed and idle state long pressing Middle key can play MP3. When playing MP3 you can regulate volume by pressing Up/Down key on the outer flip; you can select previous/next file by short pressing Left/Right key quickly back/and speed by long pressing;...
  • Page 14: Lcd

    You can use hot keys long press number keys to enter correlative shortcuts menu. You can reset under menu of hot key settings. But hot key functions of 0, 1, *, and # are fixed and you cannot modify. 1.1.4 Key operation when without SIM card Press [OK] key to enter main menu.
  • Page 16: Battery Assembly And Removal

    1.3 Battery assembly and removal Battery assembly Put the couple of tubers on the top of the battery right on the grooves of battery slot. Note: you should have the side with 2 little pieces of sheet metal exposed to the phone and corresponded with the 2 metal columns in the battery slot.
  • Page 17 SIM card assembly Please buy SIM card from network service supplier. There is your phone number and user registered information stored in the SIM card. SIM card can be used in any GSM mobile phone with your phone number and registered information unchanged. Ensure the phone is off.
  • Page 18: Battery Charging

    1.5 Battery charging Warning: Only battery, charger and accessories certificated by Haier to be applicable to the specific type of mobile phone can be used. Using other types of battery, charger and accessories will violate the recognization or guarantee clauses of the mobile phone and lead to danger.
  • Page 19: Function Introduction

    2. Function introduction 2.1 On Turn on Normally you can turn on the mobile phone by long pressing [On/Off] key. Input PIN code To prevent others from using your SIM card easily you can set PIN code. After settings PIN code is needed when the mobile phone is turned on.
  • Page 20: Dial

    2.3 Dial You can use this function only after network's name is displayed on the screen. Input phone number. You can press [PickUp] key to dial directly or you can choose dial menu in options menu. End a call You can end a call by pressing [End] soft key or [On/Off] key. Dial a dialed number If you press [PickUp] key on the idle screen Outgoing call list will be displayed on the phone.
  • Page 21: Inputting Method

    Reject a call You can press [Reject] soft key or [On/Off] key to reject. Answer the second call (Network support is needed) If call-waiting function has been set when there is a second call, reminder will pop up. Now you can: Answer the second call and the current call is held.
  • Page 22 Switch inputting mode After opening an editor you can switch inputting mode by pressing [#]. Pressing [#] key repeatedly can switch between inputting modes calculatedly. Capital In English editor, you can press [1] key to capital Input symbol Under all inputting modes you can switch to symbol inputting screen by pressing [*] key. You can input symbol by pressing the number key on the left side of the symbol.
  • Page 23 will be deleted. Long pressing the Right Soft key will delete all contents in text area. If the text line is empty, short pressing the Right Soft key twice will exit from the current editor and return to the previous state. 2.5.1 T9en/T9En/T9EN For each letter of the wanted English word, you only need to press the corresponding number key once, regardless of the list sequence of the letter on the key.
  • Page 24: Contacts

    The inputting is operated in the text area directly. You press number keys of [0]-[9] and the corresponding number will be added to the editing text area. 2.6 Contacts The mobile phone provides phonebook and you can save the frequently used numbers and messages in the SIM card or mobile phonebook.
  • Page 25 Mobile Phonebook That is Intellectual Phonebook Each record of Intellectual Phonebook is called Name card . Each name card includes the ‘ ’ following information: Name Contact picture Group Mobile number Number, includes 5 kinds of numbers and you can input one or several types of them. The numbers are Mobile number, Office number, Home number, Fax number and Pager number.
  • Page 26 You can enter the mix list of SIM card and phone through the menu. Firstly you can input the desired name or the first character of the name or directly press [OK] key to enter the list. If the inputted name or the first character exists in the list, the list will scroll to the first record satisfying the requirement.
  • Page 27 Send SMS: You can send SMS to the default number of the selected record. Send MMS: You can send MMS to the default number of the selected record. Send namecard: You can send the information of selected contact to others by SMS. Send by Infrared: You can send the selected contact to the available Infrared transmit equipment nearby.
  • Page 28 For the selected mobile phonebook record, if there are non-number domains in the record such as e-mail, note, address, postal code , these domains will be retained all the time. If the selected intellectual phonebook record only has phone number domains, the record will be deleted after all domains have been moved to the SIM card phonebook.
  • Page 29 by pressing [Up]/ [Down] keys. When the cursor is in the contact picture area you can open menus of picture type by selecting Set ‘ contact picture ’ of the Left Soft key. The maximum size of a picture set as contact picture is 128*160.
  • Page 30 Phone to SIM As long as the capacity of SIM card phonebook is still not full, you can copy records one by one until all are copied or the space is full. The name card of the mobile phonebook has 5 phone numbers at the most. This operation will copy all phone numbers to the SIM card and each number is a record in the SIM card.
  • Page 31: Contact Picture

    By selecting the menu you can clear all records in the mobile phonebook. 2.6.9 Memory capacity You can get the capacity information about the phonebooks of the SIM card and the mobile by selecting the menu. It includes: Used capacity. Total capacity.
  • Page 32: Phone Used As Mobile Disk(U Disk)

    2.8 Phone used as mobile disk (U disk) The phone can be used as mobile hard disk, which is U disk, without any USB drive program installed. After it is connected to a computer successfully by a USB cable you will find icon of Mobile hard ‘...
  • Page 33: Menu Operation

    3. Menu operation Note: Only with valid SIM card inserted can use all menus . If no SIM card inserted the ‘ ’ access is restricted after the mobile is on with Insert SIM card displayed on the screen and only limited menus can be used.
  • Page 34 rejected incoming calls are also missed calls . Operation is same with that of Outgoing calls ‘ list . ’ 3.1.2 Answered calls list After entering Answered calls list menu you can see answered calls record on the screen. ‘ ’...
  • Page 35 Delete: You can delete the call record. Check number: You can check the phone number. Save this option will appear only for unsaved number : You can save the selected number into phonebook. Add to black list: You can set the selected number as rejected call. If the record you select is in the mobile, the default number will be added into the rejected number list.
  • Page 36: Settings

    3.1.6 GPRS call Last GPRS call : The last byte numbers of GPRS throughput will be displayed. Total data : The total byte numbers of GPRS throughput will be displayed. Reset : You can delete the data of the total byte numbers of GPRS throughput. 3.2 Settings 3.2.1 Phone settings Display setting...
  • Page 37 You can set the duration of backlight. Greeting This menu will open text editor and you can edit the welcome text after the On animated picture. Auto on/off The phone can be turned on/off automatically. You can set it on or off. Languages The phone only have a language of the displayed .
  • Page 38 After entering hotkeys menu you should select a hotkey firstly and press [OK] key to enter functions list. Now you can select from them and reset for the hotkey. The shortcut settings can be canceled by selecting Empty . ‘ ’...
  • Page 39 Alarm You can set the alarm clock ringer. It's setting is similar to that of Tone . ‘ ’ SMS You can set the SMS alert ringer. It's setting is similar to that of Tone . ‘ ’ 3.2.3 Call settings Answer mode Press Send key...
  • Page 40 interval. It will remind when each redialing is made. You can press the Right Soft key to end the dialing. During redialing if you use the phone the redial will be exited automatically. Auto answer You can activate or close the function. After the function is activated if there is an incoming call the call will be answered automatically after short time of ringer.
  • Page 41 If busy When the user is busy or rejects to answer, the incoming call will be forwarded to the preset number. If no reply When the user does not reply the incoming call will be forwarded to the preset number. If unreachable With this mode on when there is no network or the phone is off, the incoming call will be forwarded to the preset number.
  • Page 42 3.2.5 Network setting Preferred networks Preferred networks list is saved in the SIM card and the list decides the trying sequence of the phone when auto registering networks. Show list The preferred networks list is displayed and the network with highest priority is listed on top. You can enter Preferred networks by pressing left soft key.
  • Page 43 pressing left soft key. Add network code After it is confirmed the editor will be opened. You can input the mobile country code and mobile network code. After confirming again you can add the code into the preferred networks list. Attach GPRS When you are attaching GPRS you can choose from Always attached or Attached during PDP ‘...
  • Page 44 Guard settings Call filter Call filter function provides you with a simple and quick way to avoid the undesired calls. Black list You can Add New, Search and delete all the black list. The menu includes sub-menus of Add ‘...
  • Page 45 the same time). Information privacy You can protect your important information of the phone, including SMS, phonebook and call list. You can set passwords for SMS, phonebook and call list at the same time or only set for several of them or set for none. When it is set you can press the Left Soft key to activate or close the option or press OK key to save.
  • Page 46 you need to contact your local network operator. Change PIN You can change PIN code and PIN2 code. Call barring (Network support is needed) The function allows you to bar the outgoing call or answering. Before using you should input the barring password provided by the operator and validate it on network.
  • Page 47: Profiles

    Barring status: The meanings of items under Barring status are the same as above. ‘ ’ After you have chosen and confirmed the required item, the phone will send query application to the network. Then the feedback from the network will be displayed on the screen with the current status for your information.
  • Page 48 valid after the mode is enabled. Each mode has 3 menus: On , Personalize and Rename . You can choose On to enable the ‘ ’ ‘ ’ ‘ ’ ‘ ’...
  • Page 49: Business

    selected mode and Personalize to modify the values of the selected mode and Rename to ‘ ’ ‘ ’ change the name of the selected mode. 3.4 Business 3.4.1 Ebook Function of Ebook is similar to notebook of windows. You can create new text file, input text, ‘...
  • Page 50 In this menu you can new, check, check all and delete passed or check all and etc. After the Organizer is opened the monthly calendar will be displayed on the screen and you can open options menu by the Left Soft key. New Meeting You need to set Date, Start time, End time, Text, Alert type and Repeat method.
  • Page 51 schedules once. Delete passed By selecting the menu and confirming, you can delete all passed schedules once. Memory capacity You can check the using conditions, used numbers, total numbers and used percentage of schedules by this menu. Weekly/Monthly After Organizer is entered, the current monthly calendar is first displayed.
  • Page 52 Note: The files with copyright protection cannot be sent. While connecting with a computer you should enable the Infrared transmit firstly. Receive To ensure the success of connecting you need to put the Infrared transmit connector of the phone correctly on equipment's Infrared transmit connector in a valid range. When other equipment is sending you data, you will be reminded of if to accept.
  • Page 53 2.If it is to connect for the first time a drive will be installed on the PC automatically. If it is successfully installed, a wireless icon will appear in the tray of taskbar on the right-down corner of the PC screen. 3.Selecting Phone and modem options from control panel of PC and switching to Modem after ‘...
  • Page 54 number inputting box of account connecting dialog box and cancel the selected multiple choice box of Use area number and dial rule . Then press Next and in account logging dialog box set ‘ ’ ‘ ’ the user name and password inputting box as empty, without inputting any information. Then press Next and PC will remind you of the empty user name and password.
  • Page 55: Messages

    your network operator. 3.4.4 SIM toolkit Note: The structures and menu's names, which cannot be changed, are set by the network operator in the SIM card and the services provided maybe differ based on different STK suppliers Some SIM cards don't provide STK function . SIM TOOL KIT allows SIM card based on intellectual card to run its own application software.
  • Page 56 can receive SMS by SMS menu. ‘ ’ Inbox Received SMS is saved in inbox. SMS can be saved not only in SIM card capacity depends on SIM card but also in the phone which can save 1000 SMS You can choose the preferred place and if the preferred space is full (an empty position will be maintained in SIM card) it will be saved to non-preferred place.
  • Page 57 sender's number will be displayed in the editor ,you can edit and save it. Move to phone: The option will appear only when SMS is saved on SIM card. Write message Note: Before sending SMS you should set correct SMS service center number that can be obtained from the network operator.
  • Page 58 Note: When sending fails, you can resend. If sending always fails please check the SMS service center number. Unsent messages If you select Save after editing, the SMS will be saved in the unsent messages ‘ ’ In the unsent messages, saved SMS list is displayed on the screen in list, which can be selected by [Up]/[Down] keys.
  • Page 59 [Up]/[Down] keys. Pressing left soft key can delete the selected SMS or all SMS in the set. After selecting any SMS at random and pressing [OK] key you can enter the next page to check the detailed content of the SMS. Now the Left Soft key are: Send now: You can send SMS to the sender directly.
  • Page 60 You can on or off. If it is enabled, the editor will be opened and you can input text of the signature continuously. After inputting signature, the signature will be added after SMS text when you are sending SMS. Note: if the total length of the signature and the SMS text exceeds the maximum supporting one, the signature will not be displayed.
  • Page 61 Memory capacity You can check the used quantity, total quantity and used percentage of all SMS in the SIM card and the phone. 3.5.2 MMS (Network support is needed) MMS is short for Multimedia Messaging Service and is the operation developed basing on 3GPP standards.
  • Page 62 Send the edited MMS. The menu will not appear if MMS is empty. Save Save MMS to Draft box. The menu will not appear if MMS is empty. Add slide You can insert new pages by this menu. The menu will not appear if MMS is empty. Add/edit text By selecting the menu you can open text editor.
  • Page 63 Add/delete video By selecting to add video you can enter Video to select video. After you insert video, the option ‘ ’ turns into Delete video . ‘ ’ Delete page If the currently edited MMS includes several pages, the option will appear and you can delete the current page by the menu.
  • Page 64 Inbox Received MMS is saved in Inbox. You can select certain MMS by [Up]/[Down] keys and download or play the MMS by OK key or open Options by the Left Soft key. ‘ ’ If the selected MMS is still not downloaded, the options provided by the Left Soft key are ‘...
  • Page 65 Outbox Unsent MMS are listed. If certain MMS has been selected from the unsent MMS list, the ‘ Options provided by the Left Soft key are: ’ View: You can play the selected MMS by the menu or by OK key. Send now: You can resend.
  • Page 66 View: You can play the selected MMS by the menu or by OK key. Edit: You will enter editing state of MMS editor with the first page content of selected MMS displayed and you can modify the current MMS. Delete: Delete the selected MMS. Delete all: Delete all MMS in the inbox.
  • Page 67 Read report You can off or on. If it is enabled, the recipient is required to send you a read report. If the recipient chooses to send you can receive a read report; if he refuses to send you cannot receive.
  • Page 68 3.5.3 Voice mail ‘ ’ Note: You can forward the incoming call to voice mail by setting Call forward the number used by the caller to leave voice messages . Call voice mail When there is a voice mail, the phone will give reminder. Now you can call voice mail number to listen to the messages.
  • Page 69: Entertainment

    You can choose to on or off.If it is disable, no broadcast message will be received no matter whether the corresponding channel number has been set. When broadcast SMS arrives, content of SMS will be displayed on the idle screen until you press keys to return.
  • Page 70 The phone has embedded digital camera which can shoot photos with different resolution, quality and effect and photos can be added frame. In Camera and Video recorder you can switch to Video recorder or Camera by the Left Soft key. Preview After entering Camera or Video recorder in Entertainment , the phone will enter view finding ‘...
  • Page 71 OK key: it can be used for shooting or recording. Shoot/Record You can press OK key to shoot or record. Shot photos or records will be saved in phone with default file name. After shooting when the phone returns to view finding and previewing state, you can shoot continuously. Shortcut option column Entering DC/DV, under view finding and previewing state, you can activate and select the shortcut options in the shortcut option column by Left / Right key.
  • Page 72 You can select the size of shot photos. Quality You can set the quality of shot photos, such as Fine . ‘ ’ Effect You can select the different color effects of photos, such as Nature , Warm , ‘ ’...
  • Page 73 It is same as that of Camera. Format You can select the saving format of the recorded file. Record You can select to record sound. You can set the recording frame speed each second. Options menu Entering Camera / Video recorder, under view finding and previewing state, you can pop up options menu by the Left Soft key.
  • Page 74 Shutter sound You can select personalized shutter sound. Video recorder You can switch to Video recorder from Camera. In Video recorder the provided options are: Videos You can enter Videos . ‘ ’ Camera You can switch to Camera from Video recorder. 3.6.2 MP3 Player The phone supports MP3 player through which you can enjoy MP3.
  • Page 75 section. Right Soft key: Stop/Return. When MP3 is played you can stop by pressing key and press twice to exit. You can also operate by options menu: Play mode You can select Normal play or ‘ ’ ‘Shuffle’ Repeat You can set if MP3 is played in cycle. Play control You can control MP3 play .Stop,Next and Previous.
  • Page 76 Select song You can create new playing list. You can choose to play the MP3 in the playing list and all MP3 also. If Play all is selected, all MP3 will be played. ‘ ’ If Play list is selected, you can open play list creating screen with all MP3 displayed on the ‘...
  • Page 77 3.6.3 Video player The phone supports video player to let you can see films in spare time. Entering the menu all saved video files will be displayed in file list and you can select one file by Up / Down key. The ‘...
  • Page 78 playing can quickly back /speed. Left/Right key: Regulate volume. Left Soft key: Full screen/Normal, it is used to switch to view in full screen. Right Soft key: Stop/Return. Note: For playing effects of high quality please try to select video files with the bit rate no higher than 256kbps and frame speed no higher than 15 fps.
  • Page 79 Now the operations provided by the Left Soft key are: New episode: You can record new audios. Audio player: You can open audio player and play the just recorded audio. If episode has just been recorded you can directly play the just recorded file after opening audio player. Otherwise it will not be played.
  • Page 80: Health Tips

    3.6.8 JAVA The phone supports JAVA. You can download other games and application programs by WAP and then install and activate by JAVA. 3.7 Health tips 3.7.1 Bio-rhythm In this function you can get the changing graphs of Energy, IQ and Mood during a month basing on Birthday and calculating day you input.
  • Page 81 16 18.5-> underweight 18.5 24.99 -> normal weight 25 29.99 -> overweight 30 39.99 -> obesity 40 or greater -> morbid obesity 3.7.3 Calorie count Calorie count calculates calorie consumed to maintain the basic living without the effects of mental tension, diet, muscle activity, outer temperature, physiology and pathology, etc, in quiet or sleeping state.
  • Page 82 Avoid pregnacy: you can enter the next page to check contraception information. Conceive a baby: you can enter the next page to check pregnancy information. Help: you can open to check help information. Check screen In the screen you can check the conditions of the previous/next month basing on your inputted parameters by Left/Right key.
  • Page 83 now? will be reminded to you. ’ In the shopping list the icons in different colors indicate the different types of shopping list. For lists with close preset period and still not finished a red icon will be displayed on the left; for the list outdated and finished it will turn to grey.
  • Page 84 3.7.6 My card ‘ My card allows you to manage various member card, bank card, credit card and debit card. ’ Entering the menu added cards list will be displayed. If the list is empty, list empty, create it ‘ now? will be reminded to the user.
  • Page 85: Tools

    information. The cursor stays at cards type selecting box. You can choose the card type by Left/Right key; after that, following information can be inputted: Name, card number, Expiry Date, contact number and Note. You can switch to every inputting box by Up/Down key. During the inputting you can clear the values you inputted.
  • Page 86 Left/Right keys. This mobile phone supports lazy bone. When it is on you must press OK key twice to shut off alarm really. Otherwise pressing other keys can only pause ringer temporarily and it will resume after a while. 3.8.2 Calculator The calculator can execute the four basic arithmetic operations of Plus/Minus/Multiple/Divide.
  • Page 87 Back: you can exit from calculator. 3.8.3 World clock The function helps you to check times of main cities in different time zones and you can set the phone time with the selected city's time. You can select if to use Daylight saving. There are 2 time lines respectively on the upper and down side of the world map.
  • Page 88: Wap

    groups have been recorded, you still can record new value by OK key with the earliest record replaced by the new one. 3.8.5 Count-down timer The function is similar to that of alarm clock except that you need to set the rest time of reminding for timer.
  • Page 89 Note: If you cannot browse WAP page normally for reasons that the network operator has changed the WAP settings or Internet content supplier have changed WAP website or contents, please consult the network operator and Internet content supplier to get the latest information.

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