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information. The cursor stays at cards type selecting box. You can choose the card type by
Left/Right key; after that, following information can be inputted: Name, card number, Expiry
Date, contact number and Note. You can switch to every inputting box by Up/Down key. During
the inputting you can clear the values you inputted. When inputting is finished, you can save the
card by pressing the Left Soft key and return to the cards list.

3.8 Tools

3.8.1 Alarm clock
This mobile phone supports 24-hour alarm. There are totally 3 groups of alarm. You can choose
to switch on or off.
Under alarm settings menu you can select one group of alarm and input time and choose the
repeating modes. There are 4 repeating modes to choose:
Activate alarm at the preset time of a day
Activate alarm at the preset time of everyday
Activate alarm at the preset time of working day (from Monday to Friday)
Activate alarm at the preset time of week days except for Sunday (from Monday to Saturday)
You can select the time-editing column of a group of alarm by Up/Down key and input time by
number keys. You can switch to repeating way column and then select repeating way by


Table of Contents

Table of Contents