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the same time).
Information privacy
You can protect your important information of the phone, including SMS, phonebook and call list.
You can set passwords for SMS, phonebook and call list at the same time or only set for several
of them or set for none. When it is set you can press the Left Soft key to activate or close the
option or press OK key to save. After the protection function has been activated password for
information privacy will be required before you lookup or use the function.
If the password you inputted is wrong, wrong password will be reminded to you directly.
Password for information privacy has 4 digits and the default is 0000 which can be changed by
Change password
You can change the password for information privacy here. PIN code
You can turn on or off PIN code function by PIN code . If the function is activated you should
input PIN code when you turn on the phone. Many functions are unavailable without correct PIN
What needs to be noted is when you input PIN code wrongly for the first time you still have two
chances. If you fail to input correct PIN code for three times your PIN code will be locked. Then


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents