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2. Function introduction

2.1 On
Turn on
Normally you can turn on the mobile phone by long pressing [On/Off] key.
Input PIN code
To prevent others from using your SIM card easily you can set PIN code. After settings PIN code
is needed when the mobile phone is turned on.
Input PIN code. For the concern of secrecy,
inputting you can use the Right Soft key to clear .
The mobile will confirm the PIN code is right by [OK] key. Then it starts to register network.
Once network's name is displayed on the screen, you can dial or answer calls. Otherwise
registering to the network for the second time is needed.
Note: SIM card will be locked after inputting of PIN code has been inputted wrongly for three
times. Then you should contact SIM card supplier.

2.2 Off

Turn off
In all conditions you can turn off the mobile phone by long pressing [On/Off] key.
will replace the inputted number; for wrong


Table of Contents

Table of Contents