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your network operator.
3.4.4 SIM toolkit
Note: The structures and menu's names, which cannot be changed, are set by the network
operator in the SIM card and the services provided maybe differ based on different STK
suppliers Some SIM cards don't provide STK function .
allows SIM card based on intellectual card to run its own application
STK card can receive and send the SMS data of GSM,acting as bridge of SIM card and SMS.At
the same time it allows SIM card to run its own application software.These functions are often
displayed on the mobile phone screen that can be activated by software.The friendly text menus
replace the kee-jerk way of
'Dial-listen to-answer So you can do complicated information
search operation or deal easily by pressing.

3.5 Messages

3.5.1 SMS Network support is needed
SMS service provides a convenient and cheap way to communicate and you can send text
messages quickly. You can send messages to other mobile phones or other equipments that


Table of Contents

Table of Contents