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You can choose to on or off.If it is disable, no broadcast message will be received no matter
whether the corresponding channel number has been set.
When broadcast SMS arrives, content of SMS will be displayed on the idle screen until you
press keys to return. Broadcast SMS will not be saved in the phone or SIM card. So you cannot
check once you exit.
Note: If the function is enabled, the lasting time of the battery will be shortened.
< Add new>
You can add new channel in channel list, which is to add a new type of received broadcast. The
channel number can have 3 digits for the most.
Existing channel list
After the channel number has been set operations provided by left soft key soft key are:
Change: You can change channel number.
Delete: You can delete the channel number from list and then you cannot receive the channel

3.6 Entertainment

3.6.1 Camera and Video recorder


Table of Contents

Table of Contents