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Avoid pregnacy: you can enter the next page to check contraception information.
Conceive a baby: you can enter the next page to check pregnancy information.
Help: you can open to check help information.
Check screen
In the screen you can check the conditions of the previous/next month basing on your inputted
parameters by Left/Right key.
Different colors have different meanings:
Purple: Using graduate changing purple to mean the dangerous period and the darker means
that the chance to be pregnant is bigger.
Blue: Means it is safe.
Pink: Means menstrual cycle.
Note: For contraception/pregnancy information normally displayed the values inputted by you
must be in the inputting range.
3.7.5 Shopping list
The function can help you to record the goods need to be bought conveniently. You can view,
add, modify, and delete the buy list.
Entering the menu added shopping list will be displayed. If the list is empty, list empty, creat it


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents