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1.5 Battery charging

Warning: Only battery, charger and accessories certificated by Haier to be applicable to the
specific type of mobile phone can be used. Using other types of battery, charger and
accessories will violate the recognization or guarantee clauses of the mobile phone and lead to
danger. Don't place the battery in very hot or extremely cold places and keep it out of reach of
Insert the charger's plug into the electrical socket of 220V alternating current.
Insert the charger's adapter into the connector at the top of the mobile phone and push the
adapter into the connector slot.
The electricity bar in the icon of the battery power starts to scroll, which indicates the mobile
phone is getting charged. In off state, charging cartoon will be displayed on the LCD.
After the battery is fully charged, the icon stops scrolling and now you can take it out from the
mobile connector.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents