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You can on or off. If it is enabled, the editor will be opened and you can input text of the
signature continuously. After inputting signature, the signature will be added after SMS text
when you are sending SMS.
Note: if the total length of the signature and the SMS text exceeds the maximum supporting one,
the signature will not be displayed.
Validity period
You can choose the SMS validity period. When senders cannot connect to network (can not
receive your SMS immediately), this option is very useful. You can select different values by
[Left]/ [Right] keys.
Note: The function depends on the services you apply.
Select memory
You can select the preferred place of SMS by [Left]/ [Right] keys: SIM card , and
'Mobile phone'
. User define SMS
You can define 10 often-used SMS by yourself. You can select certain SMS by [Up]/ [Down] keys
or enter the next page by OK key. You can edit SMS text again.
' Delete messages
3 deleting ways are provided: Inbox ,
' '
Unsent messages
Sent messages


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents