Mobile Phone Introduction; Keypad Area - Haier A7 User Manual

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1. Mobile phone introduction

1.1 Keypad area

This phone has total 26 keys, which can be divided, into 3 parts:
Number/alphabet key area, total 12 keys
Keypad control key area, total 9 keys, including Up/Down/Left/Right/OK/Left Soft/Right
Soft/[On/off]/PickUp keys.
The outer flip of the phone has 5 control keys that are Up/Down/Left/Right/OK keys.
1.1.1 Number/alphabet key
There are 12 Number/alphabet keys, which are listed in certain standard. 10 of them are [0]~[9]
keys and the others are [*] and [#] keys.
In keypad area you can input number or character. According to different screen environments
the same key can input different values, which is illustrated as the following table:


Table of Contents

Table of Contents