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Haier M1121 User Manual

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User Guide of M1121 Phone



  Summary of Contents for Haier M1121

  • Page 1 User Guide of M1121 Phone...
  • Page 2: Phone Introduction

    1. Phone Introduction 1.1 Keypad Area There are 23 keys on keypad of this phone, which can be divided into two parts: • Number/letter area, total 12 keys • Control keys area, total 11 keys 1.1.1 Number/letter key Number/letter area consists of 12 keys, which arranges according to definite standard, and includes [0]~[9], [*] and [#].
  • Page 3 Switching input Switching mode input mode Press and hold Press and hold for a for a long time: long time: switching switching capital small capital mode small mode Press and hold for a Press and hold long time: input for a long time: symbols input symbols 1.1.2 Control key...
  • Page 4 • Turn over page on stand-by row under Pinyin and Bihua input state. • Browse short message or other long text message. • Turn to last and next picture when previewing pictures. Note: [Up] and [Down] keys have automatic repeating function; if we press and hold one key of them for a long time, it is equal to press the key for many times.
  • Page 5 • Press [Right] to enter camera. • Press [SKL] to enter calllist. • Press [SKR] to enter phonebook menu. • Input phone number directly by digit number, then dial phone and enter relevant option menu. • Use hotkey, which should be customized. (Refer to hotkey setup). 1.1.4 Key operation without SIM card •...
  • Page 6 No answer Shows no answer function is enabled. Only answer Shown answer function is enabled. Stand-by screen event Unansowered call: when there is unreceived call indication, you press [OK] to see it and press [On/Off] to enter stand-by state. Once exit, there is no new indication any more. New message: when phone receives new messages or MMS it displays them on stand-by screen, you can press [OK] to see it and press [On/Off] to enter stand-by state.
  • Page 7 · Confirm phone is turned off · Turn phone back upwords, hold phone, see from the back of phone, there is a opening at side of phone, move outside at the opening to remove back cover of phone. · Remove battery of phone. ·...
  • Page 8: Function Introduction

    Headset. USB cable. 2. Function introduction 2.1 Turn on Turn on power Usually press and hold [On/Off] to turn on the phone. During the process of on act, press any key to stop playing the act and enter next operation. Please plug USB cable into phone when phone is off or when you confirm phone is turned on, don’t plug USB cable into phone when it is being turned on to avoid to affect the play of MIDI.
  • Page 9 Stop call You can press [Stop] or [On/Off] to stop call. Fold phone up also can stop call. Dial up international long distance • Press and hold [*] until + appear on screen. • Input country number. • Input section number (it usually doesn’t include front 0) and phone number. •...
  • Page 10 There are four different input modes, which is shown as following: • T9 spanish(T9spa/T9Spa):allow to use T9 spanish; • T9 English (T9eng/T9Eng): allow to use T9 english; • Multi-Tap (abc/ABC) : press the key including the letters you need, first letter will be displayed when you press the key for first time, press twice quickly to display second letter on the key, the rest may be deduced by analogy to display required letter on screen.
  • Page 11 of letter combination, you can use [Up]/[Down] to turn front). When correct words appears on input row, press [OK], the Spanish words will be added together with a blank to the position of cursor in text area. 2.5.2 T9 English(T9eng/T9Eng) To every letter of English words to be input, only need press corresponding number key with ti once without needing the arrangement of the letter on the key.
  • Page 12 Phonebook on phone (smart phonebook) Every record in smart phonebook is called ‘Name card’. A name card can include following information: Name (40 bytes at most) Number (a name card can include five numbers at most, type can be repeated. Maximal length of every number is 21 bytes, where if number length is 21 bytes, first byte must be kept as ‘+’, the other 20 bytes can be “0-9”、“*”、“#”、...
  • Page 13 Enter name list, you can move to the records use the character as head by first character of name, then continue press [Up]/[Down] to browse. Such as key [2], Characters on key [2] only include ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’. So when press [2] in phonebook list[A record means the record whose first character is When first press, if there have records whose first character is A,then move to the first record of A, if there no records whose first character is A, then move to the first record of B,if there no records whose first character is B,then move to the first record of C, if there no...
  • Page 14 during sending.) • Change (name): change selected record (name) • Delete: delete the selected record. • Change picture (if the name card has associated picture): Enter picture class list, only the picture that is not biger than 128×128 will appear,every breadth is on every screen, turn [Up]/{Down} key to select, and press [OK] for confirmation.
  • Page 15 • Dial: dial number. • Add new number: you can add new number. Operation of phonebook record After select a record in phonebook list, press [OK] to operate selected record. Operation to SIM card record IP dial, dial, add new number, send message, sent name card, change, delete, setup (change, cancel) picture, quick dial, copy to phone, move to phone.
  • Page 16 you can until all are copied or capacity of SIM cards is full. One name card in phonebook can have five number af most, the operation will copy all numbers to SIM card, every number will occupy one record of SIM card. These records have same name that is from the name field of name card.
  • Page 17: System Requirement

    You can clear the individual information of phone owner, which means clear all fields of owner information. Send individual information You can send your individual information in text format by message. (Note: because length of message is limited, too much record information may be lost during sending.) Display individual information Display all owner information input in advance, it can be looked up by [Up]/[Down].
  • Page 18 it to download to phone later, also can delet or save pictures in phone on PC by PC Sync software. After success connection, saved pictures information and blank position of phone will be displayed on list fram, you can select a picture to delect or select a blank position to down new picture, the result is new download picute is used to overwrite original picture on the position.
  • Page 19 transmited to PC Sync software and kept in recivers, and a new dialog will pop out on screen prompting you that you have new message, click any position of the dialog to close the prompt block, later, you can double click the messages in message inboxs to view it, reply or transmit MMS When phone connects with PC successfully, you can transfer MMS saved in phone to PC Sync software, and display the information of each MMS picute in the list fram, and can backup...
  • Page 20: Menu Operation

    8. Set number to dial into internet. Use of GPRS network: if you open GPRS service, please set dialing number as: *98*1# (no user and password). Use of Non GPRS network: to customer of China Mobile, set dialing number as:17201 (username is 172 and password is 172) 2.10 Picture You can associate inner picture, USB download picture, MMS picture, WAP picture (not...
  • Page 21 turned on, and screen prompt ‘Insert SIM card’, at the same time only limit menu can be used. In stand-by state press number to enter emergent dialing preparation edition, but the longest input length is 5. The purpose of the function is that you can dial emergency number by keypad even when you have no SIM card.
  • Page 22 use [Up]/[Down] to scroll the screen. To some message, there are following operation options: • Reply: automatically take opposite number as destination number and reply a message. • Transmit: after select Transmit, content of selected message will appear in editor, you can also edit it and then send it.
  • Page 23 select a message from not sent messages and send it, the message will be moved to sent message box after it is successfully sent. Write message Note: to sent message, you need to set correct number of message service number. The number can be obtained from network providers.
  • Page 24 It can be transmited again if send is not success. If send always fails, please check if number of message service center is correctly set. Preset message Phone provides some preset messages for you. You can select one of the from several messages.
  • Page 25: Capacity Query

    Signature You can select ‘on’ or ‘off’. If it is ‘on’, please continue to input text content of signature. After this, every time you send message, will automatically add a signature of your at the end of the message text you edit. Note: if adding your signature exceeds the maximal legth of message, signature will notbe added.
  • Page 26 In common cases, you need to get number from network provider, the number can salsoused to: • Leave word (can set the number in call transfer/…/voice boix) • You can take left workds, use keypad to input. Village broadcast Network service allow you to receive every kind of text information, such news, traffic information.
  • Page 27 New Note: to send MMS, set address of MMS center correctly in advance. The address can be gotten from network provider, the phone provide default address. After confirmation phone enter MMS editor, you can edit new MMS here. Press [SKL] to edit MMS text or insert picture, sound and new page.
  • Page 28 Then phone enter send option menu, the menu provide following functions: Send: you can sent edited MMS. Copy to: phone enter group send name input screen, you can add copier, the most copier is8. Topic: you can change topic again. Setup: you can implement setting for network and MMS center, and if automatic save the MMS when send it and etc.
  • Page 29: Draft Box Not sent outbox Enter not sent outbox, failed MMS lists on screen, select some MMS, [Option] include following functions: View: select the menu to play selected MMS, press OK can also play it Edit: select the menu to open MMS edit interface, can edit selected MMS, original content of MMS is played on edit screen, you can edit it.
  • Page 30 Setting The setting function MMS setting menu make you to set MMS center and do some personal settings. Seting options in the menu include: Automatically save when it is sent You can select turn on or turn off the option, if you turn on the option, then when you sent MMS, no matter if MMS is successfully sent, it will be saved in box, if it is sent successfully, it will be saved outbox, on the contrary it will be saved in not sent box.
  • Page 31 • IP dialing • Send message: send message to selected number • Send number: send select number to others by means of message • Delect record • View number • Save (only unsaved number will display the item) • Dial Delete record Delect recorde includes three submenu (dialed call, received call, unreceived call), select some sub menu, after confirmation all call record in the class will be deleted.
  • Page 32 • Display fee: total fee of all dialed calls and received calls since last reset. • Reset of fee counter: clear value of fee counter as zero, (it is protected by PIN2 code). 计 • Balance of call fee: display left call fee. •...
  • Page 33 support of PC Sync software). • MP3 rings: MP3 downloaded by USB. Alarm clock You can set rings of alarm clock here. Prompt rings of message You can set prompt rings of message. 3.3.2 setting Prompt of on /off You can appoint if it has prompt ring when phone is on/off. Setting welcome words You can edit welcome words after on act.
  • Page 34 You can set the style of main menu, and there are two kinds of menu style for selection. Language You can set the language used in pnone menu and prompt text. The phone supply simplified Chinese and English. Brightness adjustment Enter the menu, you can press direction key to adjust the contrast of the screen display.
  • Page 35 selected from it. If select ‘clear hotkey’, the shortcut setting is canceled. In stand-by state press some key from 2 to 8 directly, uf the key is set, excut the function set. If the key is still not set, phone prompts unset hotkey, confirm and open function list, here you can set its function directly.
  • Page 36 “Other Number”. • Home Number: it will inform you to input home number first ,then input the time when to transfer back to phone, and last to set repeat style,after these setting, press[OK] , the setting value is saved. When this activated, the incoming call will transfer to the home number set beforehand,when the time you set come, the call will come back to phone again.
  • Page 37 automatic redialing You can select to turn on or turn off automatic redialing function. After turning on the function, if call cannot be connected, phone will automatically redial every definite time terminal. Screen will prompt every redialing. Press SKL can automatic redialing process.
  • Page 38 the setting about prompt, and save the message intodustbin. If you set only receive phone message, when new message arrives, phone will judge ifthe number that sends the message is normal phone number, and inform users according to prompt setting. If off is set, the function is turned off.
  • Page 39 tamper-proof Setting of In taper-proof setting of firewall you can turn rejected phone function, turn on only connecting function and turn off taper-proof (one of the three can only be effective at some time). When you select “turn on rejecting phone’ function, phone will automatically reject call from rejected phone list.
  • Page 40 Call restriction (network support) The function can let you to restrict the dialing or receiving call. Before use, restriction password provided by service provider should be input, this password will be sent to web for verification. • Prohibit dial all phone: once it is turn on, all dialing call will be prohibited. •...
  • Page 41 the same as that used to enter the smart guard against theft menu), so that current SIM card is legal, then phone is turned on mormally. After wrong passwpord is input, digit kdy input is prohibited. Before SIM card is legal, except input password, answering or dialing the number in Contact Number, other all operation is prohibited.
  • Page 42 on network. • Preferred network Display prefer network list, the priority of the fornt item is the highest. Press [ok] to enter ‘prefer’ screen, press ‘prefer’again, system will prompt ‘prefer network is confirmed’, the the network will be move the front of prefer network list which shows it has the highest priority.
  • Page 43 Enter the menu of ‘connection account setting’, screen displays connection account list, you can select some account in it, press ‘Option’ or OK to open option menu, include ‘view’ and ‘edit’ menu, select ‘view’ to browse the information of currently selected account; select ‘edit’...
  • Page 44 original settings after start up. Phone provide a group of default mode, include: normal mode, silent mode, meeting mode and outdoor mode, and in-car mode. To every mode, there is a set of default value (see following table), you can change andsave it in the mode according to your prefer.
  • Page 45 Key sound You can appoint if phone has sound when pressing keypad. Fold prompt You can appoint fi it has sound when phone is folded. Connection prompt You can appoint if it has sound when it connects. Low battery alarm You can appoint if it provide prompt when batter is low power.
  • Page 46: Delete All Events

    Promot mode You can set different promopt mode. Repeat mode You can set the repeat method. Phone provide metod: no repeat. Repeat every day ,repeat every week, repeat e\very year. Checking You can check your schedule for this month or this week. Delete all events You can clear all overdue events for one time Delete Passed...
  • Page 47 Repeating way : Only change the way of repeating Deleting The operating of deleting should get your confirmation. Appending: Allow to append new memo Attention The influence of power off for the memo When power off the event in your memo will be remined after power on. About the repeating event ,only the nearest one will be reminded.
  • Page 48: World Time

    Pressing [ SKL] you can do the option including: clear,MC,MR,MS M+,details is as below: CLEAR : Clear all the contexts and start a new calculation. MEMORY CLEAR ,clear the figure in the memorizer. MEMORY READ, read the figure in the memorizer MEMORY STORE store the figures into the memorizer MEMROY PLUS calculate all the figures of the memorizer and store them.
  • Page 49 3.5.8 Currency conversion You can do the exchange rate conversion by this function. In currency conversion the currency for change is the currency you want to change .The target currency is the currency which you want to change into. Exchange rate is the propotion of changing currency.Amount is the the amount of the currency that you want to change.
  • Page 50 3.6.2 Establish PC connection When you enter PC connect interface, connect PC and phone by USB, thus you can transfer every kind of files between computer (such picture, MP3 and etc). 3.6.3 MP3 The mobile support MP3 paly function, you can down MP3 to your mobile by USB, and 本 play it by this function.
  • Page 51 Push box The boxes can only be pushed but not pulled, only one box can be pushed once. Push all boxesto the place marked with small flow, then you success. It can select radom turn. Dig mine Goal of digging mine is to find all mine in mine area with steping on any mine. If stepping on mine, you will lost the game.
  • Page 52 3.7.2 Bookmark By the menu,you can add, manage bookmarks, and diretly connect bookmark to definited website, you can add 10 bookmarks at most. 3.7.3 input addres Select the menu you can directly insert the address of the page you want to browse. 3.7.4 Last page Select this menu to directly accress the webpage you browse last time.
  • Page 53 3.7.6Push Inbox By the menu, you can set if receive push information from network and treat method to SL information. If you receive push information from network, save it in push inbox. 3.8 my document My document is used to manage all picture and sound in phone. My document includesthree menu: picture collector, sound collector and capacity query.
  • Page 54 supportof PC Sync software), ‘WAP sound’, ‘ MMS sound’,‘MP3 sound’ classification filefolder. In sound collector, you can also see dele sound item, the item is used to clear some class filefolder. To different file, you can use option key to comlete following function: Dowon load (USB download need the support of PC Sync software)...