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3.6.8 JAVA
The phone supports JAVA. You can download other games and application programs by WAP
and then install and activate by JAVA.

3.7 Health tips

3.7.1 Bio-rhythm
In this function you can get the changing graphs of Energy, IQ and Mood during a month basing
on Birthday and calculating day you input. You can also check conditions of the previous day
([Left] key), the next day ([Right] key), the previous month ([Up] key) and the next month ([Down]
key) in main interface.
3.7.2 Energy index
When entering the menu you can switch between inputting boxes of weight and height by
Up/down key. You can input your weight and height by pressing number keys in inputting boxes.
During inputting you can clear by the Right Soft key. When inputting is finished, you can get the
EI by pressing the Left Soft or OK key.
The corresponding explanations of EI in different ranges are:
16 or less->cacotrophia


Table of Contents

Table of Contents