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Switch inputting mode
After opening an editor you can switch inputting mode by pressing [#]. Pressing [#] key
repeatedly can switch between inputting modes calculatedly.
In English editor, you can press [1] key to
Input symbol
Under all inputting modes you can switch to symbol inputting screen by pressing [*] key. You can
input symbol by pressing the number key on the left side of the symbol. Then it will return to the
previous inputting mode automatically. If the symbols cannot be displayed on one screen you
can turn pages by [Up]/ [Down] keys.
Screen layout
Text area:
Inputted text will be displayed.
Inputting line
: The most popular letters combination that consists of letters inputted by you will
be displayed.
If the inputting line is not empty the extreme right character or symbol will be deleted first if you
press the Right Soft key. Long pressing the Right Soft key will clear the whole inputting line.
If the inputting line is empty the character left to the cursor in text area will be deleted if you
short press the Right Soft key. If no character is on the left side, the character on the right side


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents