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The inputting is operated in the text area directly.
You press number keys of [0]-[9] and the corresponding number will be added to the editing text

2.6 Contacts

The mobile phone provides phonebook and you can save the frequently used numbers and
messages in the SIM card or mobile phonebook. At the same time you can also Search, edit,
delete, send SMS and etc.
Note: When the phone is just turned on the contacts cannot be used temporarily for it is under
initialization. You can try later.
Phonebook classifying
Phonebook can be classified into 2 kinds: SIM card Phonebook
Capacity depends on that of
SIM card and mobile Phonebook Can save 500 name cards . Their contents and operations
are different. However they are mixed in the list. There is an icon seemingly like SIM card on the
right of the SIM card number records while there is a seeming icon of the default domain on the
right side of the mobile phonebook's records.
SIM card Phonebook
Each record of SIM card includes a Name, a phone number and contact picture.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents