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SIM card assembly
Please buy SIM card from network service supplier. There is your phone number and user
registered information stored in the SIM card. SIM card can be used in any GSM mobile phone
with your phone number and registered information unchanged.
Ensure the phone is off.
Unpack the battery cover
push the side button downward by one hand and pull the battery
cover out from the groove near the button by the other hand at the same time .
Unpack the phone battery.
Put the SIM card's metal side downward
outward and push the SIM card to the SIM card slot horizontally.
Pack the battery.
Cover with the battery cover
Put the couple of wider tubers on the side of the battery cover
right on the grooves of the mobile side slot. then push the other side of the battery cover and it
can be locked with the phone .
SIM card removal
After the phone is turned off, unpack the battery cover and the battery.
Push the SIM card outward horizontally to get the SIM card out.
Pack the battery and cover the battery cover.
towards the phone
, with the SIM card with bevel


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents