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3.5.3 Voice mail
Note: You can forward the incoming call to voice mail by setting Call forward
by the caller to leave voice messages .
Call voice mail
When there is a voice mail, the phone will give reminder. Now you can call voice mail number to
listen to the messages.
In idle state long pressing [1] key will auto dial your voice mail number.
Voice mail number
Generally you need to get number from network operator and the number can be used to:
leave messages by the caller the number can be set in Call forward/
You can get the messages by keypad inputting.
Here you can input Get voice mail number to use Call voice mail function.
3.5.4 Broadcast SMS
Network service allows you to receive all kinds of text messages, such as news, transportation
information. These SMS
are provided by network to all users of certain area. If the service has
been enabled, network will provide you with available message.
/Voice mail
the number used


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents