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  • Page 1 Error! No index entries found. C1000 USER GUIDE...
  • Page 3 _______________________________________ Trademark Statement: “‘HaierC1000’, ‘iPAS’, and the HaierC1000 logo are trademarks of HaierC1000, Inc.” Copyright Statement: “©HaierC1000, Inc. 2005. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of HaierC1000, Inc.” Warranty Language: “The contents of this manual, whether in whole or in part, do not constitute any express or implied warranty with respect to any products of HaierC1000, Inc., or its subsidiaries.”...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents SAFETY PRECAUTIONS............ 1 ...................1 AFETY OTES ....................1 OTICE ................2 INFORMATION ..................2 ERSONAL ...................3 OBILE HONE .....................3 ATTERY ..................4 N THE .................4 IRPLANE 1. GETTING STARTED ............5 1.1 B ..................5 ATTERY 1.1.1 Removing and installing the battery ..........6 1.1.2 Charging the battery ................6 1.1.3 Using the battery................7 1.1.4 Battery charge level .................7...
  • Page 5 2. DIALING AND ANSWERING ........17 2.1 P ................17 OWER 2.2 D ..................17 IALING 2.2.1 Dialing directly ................17 2.2.2 Dialing from the phone book ............18 2.2.3 Dialing by location................19 2.3 A ..............19 NSWERING A CALL 2.4 I .................19 CALL OPTIONS 2.4.1 Making a call to a telephone extension ..........20 2.4.2 Adjusting the volume..............20 2.4.3 Option ....................20...
  • Page 6 5.3 R ..............32 ECEIVING MESSAGES 5.4 V ..............32 IEWING THE MESSAGES 5.5 V ..........33 IEWING THE MESSAGES IN NSENT 5.6 V ..........33 IEWING THE MESSAGES IN 5.7 V .............34 IEWING MESSAGES IN RAFT 5.8 M .................34 EMORY STATUS 5.9 D ..............34 ELETING MESSAGES 5.10 S...
  • Page 7 8.3 C ..................44 ALENDAR 8.4 C ................44 ALCULATOR 9. PROFILES ..............46 9.1 I ................46 NTRODUCTION 9.2 C ...................46 9.3 SMS A ................46 LERT 9.4 R ..................46 9.5 R ................46 OLUME 9.6 K ...................46 9.7 P ................46 OWER 9.8 W ................47 ARNING 10.
  • Page 9: Safety Precautions

    - Configure the Phone Lock function, set the PIN CODE, and change the code if it is disclosed to another party; IF LEAVING YOUR C1000 IN AN UNATTENDED VEHICLE, DO NOT PLACE THE MOBILE PHONE IN AN OBVIOUS PLACE. IT IS PREFERABLE TO TAKE IT WITH YOU, OR STORE IT IN A SECURE PLACE.
  • Page 10: Sar Information

    SAR information The SAR limit of USA (FCC) is 1.6 W/kg averaged over one gram of tissue. Device types C1000 (FCC ID: SG70512C1000) has also been tested against this SAR limit. The highest SAR value reported under this standard during product certification for use at the ear is 1.382 W/kg and when properly worn on the body is 0.201 W/kg.
  • Page 11: Mobile Phone

    Safety Precautions Please keep the mobile phone and all accessories out of the reach of children. Rubber plugs (used at the earplug jack and at the bottom of mobile phone) pose a choking hazard if swallowed by children. Avoid contact between the battery (metal part) and other metal objects (necklaces, coins, etc), as well as consumption or biting of the battery by the animals or striking sharp material on the battery.
  • Page 12: On The Road

    Safety Precautions On the Road Before making or receiving calls, pay attention to the legal regulations concerning the use of mobile phones, and restrict phone usage to non-driving time. Confirm whether the safety airbag, brakes, velocity control system and oil filter system will be affected by the wireless transmission. If any problems are evident, please contact the distributor of the automobile.
  • Page 13: Getting Started

    UIM CARD. 1.1 Battery The C1000 mobile phone comes with one battery. The new battery is not fully charged but can support the power on function. Before the initial use of a new battery, charge it for at least 16 hours, and recharge it only when the battery power is fully discharged for the first and second charge times.
  • Page 14: Removing And Installing The Battery

    Getting Started 1.1.1 Removing and installing the battery When removing the battery, carefully open the battery cover, and pull out the battery. To replace the battery, place the bottom of the battery into the battery store, and press it in until the battery is securely in place. Replace the battery cover.
  • Page 15: Using The Battery

    Notice: Using UIM cards that have been previously used in other mobile phones and contain saved information (such as the contacts, messages, etc.), may not be compatible with the C1000 mobile phone due to different mobile phone coding formats. To prevent lost or destroyed information in UIM cards, avoid touching the metallic area and keep the UIM card away from electricity and magnetic fields.
  • Page 16: Inserting The Uim Card

    Getting Started mobile phone. It is prohibited to insert or remove the UIM card when the mobile phone is connected to an external power source as it will damage the UIM card. 1.2.2 Inserting the UIM card Turn off the mobile phone and remove the battery and the external power source.
  • Page 17: Unlocking The Uim

    Getting Started To remove the UIM card, turn off the mobile phone and disconnect the external power source, lift out the battery, and remove the UIM card. 1.2.3 Unlocking the UIM The PIN code provided by UIM card prevents unauthorized access to your phone.
  • Page 18: Connecting To The Network

    Getting Started 1.2.4 Connecting to the network After successfully unlocking the UIM card, the mobile phone will automatically search for the network. Once the network is obtained, the name of network service provider will appear in the top center of the LCD display screen.
  • Page 19: Button Functions

    Getting Started Shows that the alarm has been set Shows that new messages have been received and are to be checked Shows the roaming state 12/12 Indicates that the date is the 12 December, and the 10:45 time is 10:45 Shows that the current OK key Function Menu menu...
  • Page 20 Getting Started OK, Select, and Enter each main menu OK key Enter Phone Book list; Delete content; Return to Clearkey the previous menu Move the cursor up; Enter the missed call list via the standby screen Move the cursor down; Enter the incoming call list via the standby screen Move the cursor left while editing;...
  • Page 21: Phone Lock

    Getting Started a short time. Pressing and holding the “*” key for a long time indicates pressing the key for at least for one second. 1.5 Figure and character input Capital letter Small letter . @ - _ / : ! ? , 1 .
  • Page 22: Input Method

    1.7 Input method For the sake of the convenience of inputting English, the C1000 specially sets some input methods such as ABC and smart abc. You can lookup the correlative words with less keystroke. You can select the words which you need by pressing U/D/L/R keys.
  • Page 23: Digit Input Method

    Getting Started of the screen. 1.7.3 Digit input method The Digit input method icon is: To input numbers you must use the number input method. Press the keys to input the ten numbers 0 to 9, with each button representing its corresponding number. Press to delete input numbers.
  • Page 24: Smart Abc Input Method

    Getting Started first letter of the word. Press the digit buttons 2 to 9 to input the relevant English characters, with each letter able to be input by one press. Candidate words will change accordingly. Make a selection by using the Left/Rightward Direction Key, and search the pages of candidate words by using the Up/Downward Direction Key.
  • Page 25: Dialing And Answering

    Dialing and Answering 2. DIALING AND ANSWERING After setting up your phone, you can dial and answer calls. This Section provides a basic overview for reference purposes. 2.1 Power On/Off Press and hold to turn on the phone; and an opening display will flash on-screen.
  • Page 26: Dialing From The Phone Book

    Dialing and Answering successfully connected, the screen will show the call time, and the number and the name of the person you are calling. After entering the number, press key to save it to phone book, or press the key to call the number. Pressing to hang up a call.
  • Page 27: Dialing By Location

    Dialing and Answering 2.2.3 Dialing by location Press the key after inputting a number under the standby screen, and the telephone number saved in this location will display on-screen, press to dial. Search the save location in the information of the contact record listed in the phone book.
  • Page 28: Making A Call To A Telephone Extension

    Dialing and Answering 2.4.1 Making a call to a telephone extension Upon hearing the prompt from the host telephone number, enter the extension telephone number to connect. Another method is to insert a “P” between the host telephone number and the extension telephone number, and then press to connect to the extension telephone after hearing the host telephone prompt.
  • Page 29: Hanging Up

    Dialing and Answering Send DTMF: enable or disable DTMF. New Call: make another call while in-call. 2.4.4 Hanging up You could press to end a call. You will see the conversation time on the screen after hanging up. 2.4.5 New SMS When there is a new incoming message while you are in-call, the phone will prompt you with a New SMS received prompt.
  • Page 30: Menu Operation

    Menu Operation 3. MENU OPERATION This section provides an overview of the C800 functions and structure. It details how to modify default settings, and how to operate this mobile phone. 3.1 Menu structure The main menu consists of UTK, Phone book, Messages, Call history, Tools, Profiles, Settings, Tools and Games.
  • Page 31: Menu Function List

    Menu Operation Key Functions Menu function item Missed Call Answered Call Edit Message Select Ring Dialed Call Standby screen or Power On/Off Hold * to enable or disable the vibration mode Hold to enter hard pause “P” Hold to enter “+” 3.4 Menu function list Phone book Search...
  • Page 32 Menu Operation Delete Own Number Messages Inbox Create Outbox Mem Status Delete SMS Setting Call history Missed Answered Dialed Delete Call Time Settings Phone Call Display Security Tools Alarm Calendar Calculator...
  • Page 33 Menu Operation Profiles Call Hint SMS Alert Ring Type Ring Volume Key Tone Power Tone Warning Beep Game Snake Tetris Game Sound...
  • Page 34: Contacts

    CONTACTS 4. CONTACTS Under the Contacts menu, there are six function options, including: “Search”, “Add”, “Group List”, “Mem status”, “Speed Dial”, “Delete” and “Own Number”. In standby screen, press to enter the main menu, press select phonebook, and press to enter the phonebook. 4.1 Search In phonebook menu, choose “Search”...
  • Page 35: Group List

    CONTACTS the phonebook records to provide space. In the “Add” screen, you can input name, group, phone, mobile phone number, office number and house number. To input name, place cursor on “Name”, then press , from the “Edit” and “Save” options, select “Edit”, to enter the Edit feature. For the Edit function, refer to Section 1.7.
  • Page 36: Speed Dial

    CONTACTS Group list is used to manage your phone book records, and divides the records according to social relationships. The phone provides seven groups: UIM, Friend, Family, Colleague, Private, Custom and Default. If you do not change the group, it will be in Default;...
  • Page 37: Mem (Memory) Status

    CONTACTS configured SPEED DIAL function or not, the cell phone will display different prompt. If the digit key has been configured with SPEED DIAL function, you can use the Left Function Button of the cell phone to prompt the DELETE function; if the SPEED DIAL function has not yet been configured with SPEED DIAL function, you can use the Left Function Button to prompt the SETTINGS function.
  • Page 38: Own Number

    CONTACTS The operation of other groups is the same as UIM. Choose “Delete All”, press , and the Delete interface confirmation appears. Press to confirm deletion, and all records stored in the phone book and in the UIM will be deleted. Press to cancel this operation.
  • Page 39: Messages

    Messages 5. MESSAGES This Section introduces the message service provided by CDMA 1X. If your network carrier provides a message service, you can send or receive messages. These messages can comprise 160 characters. You can reply or send new messages with your network carrier’s support. 5.1 Creating a new message Choose the “Create”...
  • Page 40: Sending Messages

    Messages 5.2 Sending messages When sending a message, the screen will display the number or the name of the receiver. If sending has failed, the screen will display “Failed” to notify you. The message which is sending failed or has not been sent will be automatically saved to Unsent in Outbox.
  • Page 41: Viewing The Messages In Unsent

    Messages Delete: deletes the current message, and then returns to the Inbox. (If there is no message in Inbox, the screen will return to the Inbox menu.) If you choose delete, the mobile phone will prompt for confirmation and also notify you the action and deletion results; Call back: picks up the number of sender, and you can make a call to him;...
  • Page 42: Viewing Messages In Draft

    Messages Delete: deletes this message, and then returns to Sent. When you choose Delete, the mobile phone will prompt for confirmation and also notify you of the action and deletion results; Call: picks up the number of receiver, and makes a call to him. Refer to Section 2.2.1.
  • Page 43: Call Logs

    Call lOGS 6. CALL LOGS The call logs records Missed, Answered and Dialed numbers and each kind has 10 numbers. Also it records the time of dialing, and it can delete records. In the standby screen, press to display the list of numbers for the 10 most recently Missed calls;...
  • Page 44: Answered

    Call lOGS 6.2 Answered The “Answered” operations are the same as “Missed”. 6.3 Dialed The “Dialed” operations are the same as “Missed”. 6.4 Delete In the delete interface, press , to select the record you want to delete, you can choose and delete missed, answered, dialed or delete all. Choose the record you want to delete, press to confirm, the phone will provide a prompt, to confirm or exit.
  • Page 45: Settings

    Settings 7. SETTINGS 7.1 Phone Phone settings are for the phone status. They contain Input Method ,Voice Volume and Phone Lock. In the Input Method interface, there are five choices such as: 123, ABC, abc, Smart ABC and Smart abc. In Voice Volume interface, to adjust the voice volume, press turn the Volume down, press to turn the Volume up.
  • Page 46 Settings Any key: this option allows your phone to answer an incoming call by pressing any key except PWR. Auto Redial: To set whether to allow the cell phone to make automatic redial; Auto Answer: this option allows your phone to answer an incoming call automatically when earphone has attached the phone.
  • Page 47: Display

    Settings - Unlimited: after this function is enabled, all incoming calls will be forwarded to the number designated. - Busy: after this function is enabled, when in-call, the incoming call will be forwarded to the number designated. - No Answer: When you have not answered an incoming call, it will be forwarded to the number designated;...
  • Page 48: Security

    Settings 7.4 Security You should pass the PWD before entering the Security settings (the default PWD is 0000; you can modify it after you enter in. Then you can use the new PWD). In Security setting interface, it contains five options: “Phone Lock”, “UIM Code”, “Reset”...
  • Page 49: Uim Code

    Settings 7.4.2 UIM Code The UIM Code setting contains “PIN On”, “PIN Change” and “PIN Off”. PIN On: enables the UIM PIN. You must enter the right PIN when you inspire the phone. PIN Change: you can change the PIN code you use frequently under the condition of enabling the PIN;...
  • Page 50: Change Pwd

    Settings Profiles, etc. 7.4.5 Change PWD Before changing the PWD, you must input the correct password. After doing so, you can input a new password which will become effective immediately. Be sure to remember the new password you have set! 7.4.6 Blacklist All numbers on the blacklist cannot connect the cell phone.
  • Page 51: Tools

    Tools 8. TOOLS 8.1 Introduction Tools consist of alarm, calendar and calculator. Alarm clock provides “Time”, “Period” and “On/Off” options. Calendar: this function facilitates user query of calendar information. Calculator can perform simple calculations: Add, Subtract, Divide, and Multiply. After entering the calculator interface, you can input numbers directly and perform calculations.
  • Page 52: On Or Off

    Tools As shown above, the alarm clock is set at 20:00. The period is set only once. 8.2.3 On or Off Finally, select the choice item of “On” (Tip: this will only be shown when the alarm clock is off.). Then it will prompt “Alarm On?” Press Tip: When you select “On”, this choice item will change into “Off”, a vice versa.
  • Page 53 Tools Step3: Input the number 2.2. (To insert a decimal point, press Step4: Press for the answer. Press to clear the number input, and hold to clear all numbers input. When there are errors, messages such as “Overflow” “Can’t Div 0” will be displayed on screen.
  • Page 54: Profiles

    Profiles 9. PROFILES 9.1 Introduction Phone profiles include Call Hint, SMS Alert, Ring Type, Ring Volume, Key Tone, Power Tone and Warning Beep. 9.2 Call Hint When you are receiving an incoming call, you can be alerted in four ways: ring, vibrate, ring and vibrate and silence.
  • Page 55: Warning Beep

    Profiles 9.8 Warning Beep you can choose to switch Enable/Disable ,if Low Battery...
  • Page 56: Game

    Game 10. GAME Two classic games are offered: Snake and Tetris. 10.1 Snake Move the snake to eat the “goody” and evade walls and self. Note: The snake cannot go backwards. Use the keys 2, 8, 4 and 6 to move up, down, left and right.
  • Page 57: Game Sound

    Game 10.3 Game Sound You can set the game sound to enable or disable during game play.
  • Page 58: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting 11. TROUBLESHOOTING The phone cannot power on: If the power of battery is too low to dial, it will automatically power off. Please charge the battery and then power on. Other parties are receiving my incoming calls: The phone have been transferred your incoming calls to another number; check and cancel Call Forwarding.
  • Page 59 Troubleshooting http://www.Haier.com Select “Support” and be directed to the Toll Free number of the HaierC1000 International Professional Service Regional Center that serves your area. Or you can call the HaierC1000 North America Professional Service organization at 1-(866) 4006999999.
  • Page 60: Accessories

    Accessories 12. ACCESSORIES Standard Accessories Mobile phone (1) User guide (1) Travel Charger (1) Battery (1): 850mA lithium battery, providing 130 hours operating time and 180 minutes call time.* The duration varies from the actual situations. Earphone: For receive incoming calls. You can answer a call by pressing the key on the earphone, even if walking.

Table of Contents