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Haier Phone G31

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  • Page 1: User Manual

    Haier Phone G31 User Manual www.haier.com...
  • Page 2: Read Me First

    READ ME FIRST Congratulations! You have just purchased your HaierPhone G31. Please read this manual before using the device to ensure safe and proper use. Some contents may differ from your device depending on the region, service provider, or device’s software.
  • Page 3 Safety Informa Please read this safety informa on carefully to ensure safe and proper use. Driving Using a mobile phone can distract the user and result in an accident. You must fully comply with the local regula ons and laws regarding the use of cell phones whilst driving.
  • Page 4 Safety Informa Contact with liquid Keep your phone away from water (or any other liquid). Any damage caused by liquid may be irreparable. Making Repairs Never take your phone apart. Please handle the repairs with the professionals. Any unauthorized repairs would break warranty terms. Broken Antenna Don’t use your phone if the antenna is damaged, as it could cause injury.
  • Page 5 Safety Informa where there’s network coverage. Dial the na onal emergency number and press ‘send’. Explain exactly where you are and don’t hang up un help has arrived. Working Temperature The working temperature for the phone is between 0 Degree and 40 Degree Celsius.
  • Page 6: Safety Information

    Safety Information     Caution:  risk  of explosion if battery  is replaced by an  i ncorrect type.   Dispose  of used  batteries  according to the  instructions.   For  pluggable equipment, the  socket‐outlet shall  be installed near  the  equipment and  shall  be easily  accessible.     RADIO  WAVES:  FCC RF exposure information (SAR)  This device is designed and manufactured not to exceed the emission limits  for exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy set by the Federal  Communications Commission of the U.S. Government.  The exposure standard for wireless devices employs a unit of measurement  known as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. The SAR limit set by the FCC is  1.6 W/kg.  Although the SAR is determined at the highest certified power level, the  actual SAR level of the device while operating can be well below the  maximum value. While there may be differences between the SAR levels of  various devices and at various positions, they all meet the government  requirements.  The FCC has granted an Equipment Authorization for this model device with  all reported SAR levels evaluated as in compliance with the FCC RF exposure  guidelines. SAR information on this model device is on file with the FCC and  can be found under the Display Grant section of ...
  • Page 7 Safety Informa lower its SAR value. If you are not using an approved accessory ensure that whatever product is used is free of any metal and that it posi ons the phone the indicated distance away from the body. Organiza ons such as the World Health Organiza on has stated that if people are concerned and want to reduce their exposure they could use a hands-free device to keep the phone away from the head and body during phone calls, or reduce the amount of me spent on the phone.
  • Page 8: Getting To Know Your Phone

    Getting to know your Phone Your phone Headset Jack Front Camera Power button Volume +/ - Touch Screen Menu Key Back Key Home Key Micro USB Port...
  • Page 9 Ge ng to know your Phone...
  • Page 10 Ge ng to know your Phone Bu on Func on Press and hold to turn on / o the Power bu on phone; press lightly to lock the touch screen. Menu Enter the op on menu. Short Press to return to home screen; Home long press to show the list o previous applica on opened.
  • Page 11 icons on the status bar Icons Descrip ons Icons Descrip ons Network signal Ba ery level strength Speaker ac vated New SMS Call on hold USB connected Vibra on mode Flight mode 2G network in 3G network in use Missed calls. Alarm ac vated Call incoming Bluetooth on...
  • Page 12 Ge ng to know your Phone Removing the Ba ery Cover & installing the ba ery Removing the Ba ery Cover 1. Hold the device rmly and locate the cover release latch. 2. Place your ngernail in the opening and remove the cover according to the arrow direc on.
  • Page 13 Ge ng to know your Phone Installing the SIM Card Make sure that the clipped corner of the SIM card and the metallic contacts are facing to the correct direc on. Slide the SIM card into the card slot un it stops.
  • Page 14: Installing The Microsd Memory Card

    Ge ng to know your Phone Installing the microSD Memory Card Slide microSD card into the SD card slot with the metallic pins facing downwards. Push the card un it locks into place.
  • Page 15: Lock & Unlock Screen

    Lock & Unlock Screen Locking the Screen Press the Power button to lock the screen. Unlocking the Screen Press again the Power button to unlock the screen, and then drag the lock icon to the right on the screen to unlock according to the clue on the screen.
  • Page 16: Home Screen

    Home Screen Status Bar and Notifications When there are new notifications such as messages or missed calls, indicator icons appear on the status bar. To see more information about n the status bar. To see more information abou the icons, open the notification panel and view the details. ication panel and view the details.
  • Page 17 Home Screen The Home screen is your gateway to the main features in your phone. Drag down to open the Status bar ca on panel. Slide the Home screen le or right to view more contents in others panels on Home screen.
  • Page 18: Tap And Hold The Home Screen For Customization

    Customizing Tap and hold the Home Screen for customization. Tap to access Settings. Tap to select a wallpaper. Tap to set Widgets.
  • Page 19: Phone Function

    Phone Function Making a Call to access the Dial pad. The phone offers you several ways to make a call. You can make a call through the Phone, People, Messaging and Call log. Delete a preceding character. Dial pad Tap to choose the card, Call log and dial the number.
  • Page 20: Receiving Calls

    Phone Function Receiving calls When a call comes in, drag Drag to the right to . If you are using an app when a call comes in, drag Drag to the left to If the call waiting service is activated, another call can be made. When the second call is answered, the first call is put on hold.
  • Page 21: Missed Calls

    Phone Function Missed calls If a call is missed, appears on the status bar. Open the notifications panel to view the list of missed calls. Alternatively, on the Apps screen, tap Phone to view missed calls.Connecting to Wi-Fi 1. Tap Launcher Settings Wi-Fi.
  • Page 22 Phone Function 6. Tap Connect. After the phone connects to a Wi-Fi network, it will automatically connect to it any time it is avalaible.
  • Page 23: Internet Access

    Internet access Browsing webpages 1. Tap to access web browser. 2. Tap the address eld and enter the web address, and then tap Go. Web address View Bookmarks webpages. Open the webpage window manager. Move to the previously-visited page.
  • Page 24 Internet access 3. When viewing the web page, tap the Menu Key, following options are available:...
  • Page 25: Play Store

    Internet access Email 1. Tap Email 2. Enter the email address and password. Tap Next. Play Store 1. Tap 2. Log in with Gmail account to view and download the applications in Google Play Store.
  • Page 26: Taking Pictures And Videos

    Gallery Taking pictures and videos to access to Camera. Panorama mode Normal mode Flash On/Off/Auto Switch between front and back camera. View taken photos or videos. Take picture Settings Record video...
  • Page 27 Gallery on the Apps screen. Send by message Share the file More options Edit the photo...
  • Page 28: Music Player

    Music Player to access to Music. Categories: Select Genres, Artists, Albums, and Songs. Tap to open the album, songs or playlist Shuffle Repeat Repeat Play/Pause Next song Next son Previous song...
  • Page 29: Intelligent Keyboard

    Intelligent keyboard The phone automa cally corrects and suggests words as you type. Cut, Copy and Paste Tad and hold the text contents, then slide your nger to move the inser on points, then choose to cut, copy, or paste. You could copy text from web pages, email, text messages.
  • Page 30: Other Function

    Other Function Messaging View receved and sent messages. Clock Set and stop Alarms; World clock; Stopwatch and mmer. Calculator Make simple and complex calcula ons. Calendar View the calendar & add events. File Manager Veiw all the es and install the es in APK format. Google se ngs Con gure se ng for features provided by Google.
  • Page 31: All You Can Find On Settings Menu

    All you can find on settings menu SIM management Wi-Fi Bluetooth Data Usage More... Audio pro es Display Storage Ba ery Apps Loca on Security Language & input Backup & reset Add account Date & Time Scheduled power on & o Accessibility Developer op ons About phone...
  • Page 32 Cautions Your device should be handled with cares. The following sugges ons will help you to use your phone in a safe and proper way: Use a dry so cloth to wipe general dirt. Do not use a hard cloth, benzene or thinner to wipe the phone, otherwise, the surface of the phone will be scratched or could even result in the fading of color.
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    Trouble Shooting Troubles Cause and Solu on Press the Power Key for over 1 second. Check if the ba ery is properly connected. Please Fail to turn on remove and install it again, retry to turn it on; Check if ba ery is appropriately charged. Weak signal.
  • Page 34 Haier Packing List...
  • Page 36 3-5 Rue des Graviers Immeuble Le Totem, 92200 Neuilly sur Seine- France Phone +33 (0) 173 794 820 / Fax +33 (0) 147 383 481 www.haier.com...

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