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will be deleted. Long pressing the Right Soft key will delete all contents in text area. If the text
line is empty, short pressing the Right Soft key twice will exit from the current editor and return
to the previous state.
2.5.1 T9en/T9En/T9EN
For each letter of the wanted English word, you only need to press the corresponding number
key once, regardless of the list sequence of the letter on the key. All possible letter
combinations will be displayed on the inputting line. If there has other choice you can press
[Up]/[Down] key to switch and then press [OK] key to finish the word's inputting. The English
word will be added after the current cursor in the text area.
2.5.2 abc/ABC/Abc
The inputting is operated in the text area directly.
You can press the key with the letter you need. Once pressing will display the first letter on the
key and quick pressing twice will display the second letter on the key. Analogically you can
press the key repeatedly until the needed letter displayed on the screen.
2.5.3 Number 123


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents