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You can set the duration of backlight.
This menu will open text editor and you can edit the welcome text after the On animated picture. Auto on/off
The phone can be turned on/off automatically. You can set it on or off. Languages
The phone only have a language of the displayed . Shortcuts
This function provides you quick execution of some often used orders without entering menus to
confirm one by one and it is very convenient.
The keys of [0], [1], [*], and [#] are fixed and not to be changed by you.
Long pressing [0] key you can enter WAP;
Long pressing [1] key you can dial voice mailbox;
Long pressing [*] key you can input + ;
' '
Long pressing [#] key you can activate or close meeting mode.
Note: Hotkeys are only valid in the idle screen.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents