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View: You can play the selected MMS by the menu or by OK key.
Edit: You will enter editing state of MMS editor with the first page content of selected MMS
displayed and you can modify the current MMS.
Delete: Delete the selected MMS.
Delete all: Delete all MMS in the inbox. Settings
In the menu all options that can be set will be displayed on the screen:
Send and auto-save
You can enable or close. If it is enabled MMS will be saved in inbox no matter whether it is sent
successfully. Successfully sent it is saved in Sent MMS and failed to send, it is saved in Outbox.
You can input or change the MMS service center number.
By selecting the menu you can enter the next page with 3 sub-menus: Network account,
Gateway address and Gateway port. You can select an account from the network account list
and you can edit Gateway address and Gateway port.
Validity period
You can set the validity period of the sent MMS and saved in service center.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents