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can receive SMS by SMS menu.
' Inbox
Received SMS is saved in inbox.
SMS can be saved not only in SIM card
which can save 1000 SMS You can choose the preferred place and if the preferred space is full
(an empty position will be maintained in SIM card) it will be saved to non-preferred place.
In inbox, saved SMS list is displayed, which can be checked by [Up]/ [Down] keys.
After selecting any SMS at random and pressing left soft key you can delete the SMS or delete
all SMS in the set.
After selecting any SMS at random and pressing [OK] key you can enter the next page to check
the detailed content of the SMS. Now the Left Soft
Reply: Set the sender's number as the aim number and open SMS editor in which you can
input SMS content and send to the sender.
Forward: By menu of Forward , the selected SMS content will be displayed in the editor. You
can send it out after editing.
Delete: Delete the SMS.
Dial: Dial the sender's number.
Store sender number:
If the sender's number is not in phonebook
capacity depends on SIM card
but also in the phone
By this menu ,the


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents