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by pressing [Up]/ [Down] keys. When the cursor is in the
contact picture
area you can open
menus of picture type by selecting Set
contact picture
of the Left Soft key. The maximum size of
a picture set as
contact picture
is 128*160.
2.6.4 Group
For 6 groups you can modify their names and set the pictures for them.
2.6.5 Select memory
If you have chosen one kind of phonebook
SIM card or phone
, the newly added number will
be saved under that kind of phonebook.
2.6.6 Copy all
SIM to Phone
As long as the capacity of mobile phonebook is still not full, you can copy records one by one
until all are copied or the space is full.
When you copy all records in the SIM card, the names and numbers are copied to the mobile
phonebook and the phone number in SIM card is set as the default phone number of the name
card at the same time.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents