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16 18.5-> underweight
18.5 24.99 -> normal weight
25 29.99 -> overweight
30 39.99 -> obesity
40 or greater -> morbid obesity
3.7.3 Calorie count
Calorie count calculates calorie consumed to maintain the basic living without the effects of
mental tension, diet, muscle activity, outer temperature, physiology and pathology, etc, in quiet
or sleeping state.
Entering the menu you can select gender by Left/Right key and switch the cursor between
inputting boxes of age, weight, height by Up/Down key to input. When inputting finished, you
can get the optimum calorie absorbed quantity by pressing the Left Soft key or OK key.
3.7.4 Female calendar
The function can help ladies to calculate the safe period and dangerous period conveniently.
Entering the menu and after inputting correlative values in inputting boxes you can open the
following options by OK key or the Left Soft key:


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents