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5 keys can be valid only when the flip is closed.
Operation details on Outer flip control keys are as following:
Under flip-closed and idle state long pressing Middle key can play MP3.
When playing MP3 you can regulate volume by pressing Up/Down key on the outer flip; you
can select previous/next file by short pressing Left/Right key quickly back/and speed by long
pressing; You can pause/resume playing by short pressing Middle key and exit from player by
long pressing it.
1.1.3 Key operation under idle state
Press [OK] key to enter main menu.
Press [Up] key to enter call list.
Press [Down] key to enter phonebook list.
Press [Left] key to enter multimedia player.
Press [Right] key to enter SMS menu.
Press [PickUp] key to enter outgoing call list.
Press the Left Soft key to enter main menu.
Press the Right Soft key to enter contacts.
You can input phone number directly by number keys. Then you can dial or enter correlative
options menu.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents