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Advertisement Memory capacity
You can check the used quantity, total quantity and used percentage of all SMS in the SIM card
and the phone.
3.5.2 MMS (Network support is needed)
MMS is short for Multimedia Messaging Service and is the operation developed basing on 3GPP
standards. MMS is an advanced application program that is based on WAP (Wireless
Application Protocol). MMS can send Multimedia, such as picture, voice, video cut, etc, as well
as SMS text which we are familiar with. MMS can be sent to email as well as other mobile
phones. New
Note: Before sending you should set the correct service center address that can be obtained
from network operator The phone provides the default address.
When you enter New , firstly you can input numbers in the editing box directly. If the editing box
is empty you can also enter the next page to open list to select contact by OK key.
After inputting recipients you can input topic by pressing Down key.
After inputting topic you can open following
ptions provided by the Left Soft key.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents