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Phone to SIM
As long as the capacity of SIM card phonebook is still not full, you can copy records one by one
until all are copied or the space is full.
The name card of the mobile phonebook has 5 phone numbers at the most. This operation will
copy all phone numbers to the SIM card and each number is a record in the SIM card. The
names of the records are the same, which come from the name domain of the name card.
2.6.7 Move all
It is similar to the above Copy all except that after copying the original record will be deleted.
For the selected mobile phonebook record, if there are non-number domains in the record
such as e-mail, note, address, and postal code , these domains will be retained all the time.
If the selected intellectual phonebook record only has phone number domains, the record will
be deleted totally after all domains have been moved to the SIM card phonebook.
2.6.8 Delete all
Delete SIM records
By selecting the menu you can clear all records in the SIM card phonebook.
Delete Phone records


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents