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Main Features; Access And Consult The Contacts; Make A Call; Answer And End A Call - Haier T3000 Manual

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2. Main Features

2.1 Access and consult the Contacts

In idle mode, press 'down' key or press briefly Contacts / ringer key, Contacts/ring key is in the
upper left corner of the keypad. Depending on the selected Contacts (in SIM or in phone), the
content that appears on the screen may vary: see "Contacts" for details on this subject.
To consult the Contacts during a call, press [OK], select View Names List, press [OK] key, and
scroll through the entries by pressing 'down' or 'up' key. Then press CLR key twice to return to
the main menu.
Note: In Contacts menu, press # key to enter surname of desired name or the first letter, and then
press 'OK' to access the name directly.

2.2 Make a Call

1. In idle mode, enter the phone number using the keypad. Press CLR key, to correct an error.
2. Press green key to dial the number and press red power key to hang up.
Note: For an international call, enter the + sign instead of the usual international prefix by pressing
and holding * key.

2.3 Answer and end a call

When receiving a call, depending on your subscription and if the caller has permitted this
information to be transmitted, his number may be displayed. If the number is stored in the selected
phonebook, the corresponding name is displayed instead of the number.
1. To answer the call, press Green key on the left of the keypad or open the phone if it was closed.
2. To reject a call, press Red key on the right of the keypad. If you have activated "Call
forward"(see 'Call forward' option of in the 'Call settings' menu), the call is diverted to a number
or voice mail.
3. To hang up press Red key on the right of the keypad or close the phone flip.
The phone will not ring if in Silence mode. If you have selected Any Key Answer, you can accept
a call by pressing any key (except red key). Closing the phone always hangs up an ongoing
communication. A beep indicates the end of the communication.

2.4 Make an IP call handsfree

1. If you want to select the Contacts in SIM card, you can select a desired number, enter the
next menu by press OK twice, and then select 'IP call handsfree' option to confirm it.
2. If you want to select the Contacts in phone, you can select the same method to make an IP
call handsfree. Otherwise, you can select other number of Contacts by press up /down key,
and then press OK key to activate 'IP call handsfree' feature.

2.5 Change the ringer

otherwise it will not be displayed.
Appears when this feature is activated; otherwise it will
not be displayed.
Whether in profile mode or in sounds mode, this icon will
be appeared when you activate the vibra alert feature,
otherwise it will not be displayed.
Appears when the SMS chat feature is activated.
Appears when the black list feature is activated.
Appears when the while list feature is activated.