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Haier M1000 User Manual

Haier m1000: user manual
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  Summary of Contents for Haier M1000

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    1. General information 1.1 Keypad 1.1.1 Number/letter keys 1.1.2 Control keys 1.1.3 Key operation in the idle mode 1.1.4 Key Operation without a SIM Card 1.2 Display Screen 1.3 Installing/Removing battery 1.4 Installing the SIM card 1.5 Charging the battery 2.
  • Page 2 2.6.11 Own info 2.7 Transmission between Phone and PC (optional item) 2.7.1 Before Using PC Sync System Requirements Connect Phone to PC 2.7.2 Using PC Sync software Wallpaper MIDI Phonebook SMS 2.8 Work as Modem 2.9 Big picture 3.
  • Page 3 Settings 3.2 Call List 3.3 Phone settings 3.3.1 Ringer settings 3.3.2 Phone settings 3.3.3 Call settings Call forward (network-dependent) Call waiting(network-dependent) Minute Reminder Emotion LED Anykey Answer Auto redial Auto answer Active flip Send ID (network-dependent) 3.3.4 Date/time settings 3.3.5 Guard settings...
  • Page 4 Check(this month) Delete all Delete Passed Capacity Check all Weekly Important Notice 3.5.2 Alarm Clock 3.5.3 Calculator 3.5.4 Stopwatch 3.5.5 Count-dowm timer 3.5.6 Auto On/Off 3.5.7 Universal time 3.6 Fun 3.6.1 MP3 3.6.2 Games Tetris Boxman Mine...
  • Page 5: General Information

    1. General information OK key Left soft key Left key Volume key/Side key Send key/answer Down key Built-in speaker Screen Up key Navigation Keys Right soft key Right key Power/End key Number keys...
  • Page 6: Keypad

    1.1Keypad Your mobile phone has 23 keys and can be divided into two parts: Number/letter keys, 12 keys in all Control keys, 11 keys in all 1.1.1Number/letter keys There are 12 number/letter keys and they are arranged according to a specific rule. There are 10 number keys from [0]~[9], and the other two keys are [*] and [#].
  • Page 7: Control Keys

    mno6 oo 6 6 6 MNO6 NO O 6MNO PQRS7 pqrs7 7 7 7 7PQRS tuv8u u TUV8Uu 8 8 8 8TUV WXYZ9 wxyz9 9 9 9 9WXYZ ?! :; ? ! ?! :; ? ! 0 . 0 Conversion Conversion Conversion among input...
  • Page 8 called the Green key or Send key. Press this key to answer an incoming call or dial a number. Left soft key and right soft key The left soft key is in the upper left corner of the keypad and the right soft key is in the upper right corner of the keypad.
  • Page 9 editor. Press to move the selected character or p h o n e t i c c o m b i n a t i o n i n t h e p h o n e t i c (Pinyin) or stroke input mode.
  • Page 10: Key Operation In The Idle Mode

    light indicate that there is "missed call" message or new message. 1.1.3 Key operation in the idle mode When the phone is in the idle mode, you can: Press the Answer key to access the Dialed Calls list. Short press [OK] key to access the main menu.
  • Page 11: Display Screen

    1.2 Display Screen This mobile phone features single LCD screen . The LCD screen has a 128 (W) x 160 (H) pixels, and features CSTN technology with 64K colors. The icons are only available under idle mode, to indicate the current status of the phone, such as battery level, network signal, etc.
  • Page 12 These two icons respectively indicate that there is at least one unread MMS in the Multimedia Messages list and the MMS messages memory is full. If the memory (MMS) is full and at the same time, there is an unread MMS, only the memory full icon will be displayed.
  • Page 13: Installing/Removing Battery

    You can press [OK] to see it and press End key to return to idle mode. If so, this prompt icon will no longer appear again. Organizer alert: Lowest priority. When there is an event of higher priority, only an alert tone will sound.
  • Page 14: Charging The Battery

    used in any GSM phone. Ensure that the phone is switched off. Remove the back cover. Remove the phone battery. Insert the SIM card horizontally into its slot with its gold contacts facing down (towards phone) and the notched corner at the top left corner.
  • Page 15 Example n 2 Charge the battery Your phone is powered by a rechargeable battery. A new battery is partially charged and an alarm will warn you when the battery reaches low. We advise you keep the battery attached to the phone, even when discharged: the backup battery for the clock (inside the phone) will last longer.
  • Page 16: Basic Operation

    2. Basic operation 2.1 Turning the phone on Press the Power key, either briefly or long, to turn the phone on. Press and hold to turn the phone on during the charging process. When the power-on animation is displaying, you can press any key to stop the animation. Your phone is then ready for your next operation.
  • Page 17: Answering A Call

    network name displayed on the screen). Enter a phone number. Press Send key to dial directly or go to the options menu and choose Call or IP Call. Call option has the same function as Send key. If you choose IP Call and have entered the IP number (e.g., the China Mobile IP phone code is 17951) in the phonebook list, your phone will automatically add this...
  • Page 18: Text Entry Methods

    Press the right softkey or the Power key. To answer the second call:(network dependent) If call waiting is subscribed, when receiving the second call, the display will prompt you to: Put the first call on hold and then answer the second one,or Press the Power key to end the first call and then answer or refuse the second one.
  • Page 19: T9 English Input(T9 Eng/T9 Eng)

    To input a symbol, press the number key according to the desired symbol. If there are too many symbols to fit within a screen, you can press Up/Down keys to scroll through the pages. Deleting input contents When the input line is not empty,pressing Right softkey will delete the first letter or symbol from the right until the input line is cleared.
  • Page 20: Multi-Tap (Abc/Abc)

    The word will be inserted with a space after the cursor position in the text area. 2.5.2 Multi-Tap (abc/ABC) This feature allows you to input directly within the text area. Press the key that contains the letter you want to input. Press once if such letter is in the first position.
  • Page 21: Search

    SIM card memory An entry contains a name and a phone number. Phone memory(intelligence phonebook) An entry is also called a "name card", which contains the following information: -Name (a maximum of 40 bytes) -Phone number (three numbers at most under the same name, up to 21 bytes each, e.g., for a 21-byte number, the first byte is always "+", while "0-9", "*", "#", "w"...
  • Page 22: Add New

    first name leaded by it. Otherwise, the first name in the list is displayed. Tips: You may press the Down key to access the phonebook list directly in idle mode. You may input the first letter of the name to move to the entries starting with this letter and then scroll through the list with the Up/Down key.
  • Page 23: Phonebook List

    record. Note: A newly created record by default will be assigned to the "Default" group, however you can reset it later. 2.6.3 Phonebook list (1)Using the Phonebook List The phonebook list shows a list of names, with the type icon on the right. For a SIM card entry, a SIM card icon is shown, while for a phone entry, the icon standing for the number type is shown.
  • Page 24 associated with a big picture): Access the picture list. Only pictures not bigger than 128X128 will appear. Press [Up]/[Down] to select and press [OK] to confirm. Once a name is associated with a big picture, the big picture will be displayed on the screen when the person calls you from any number stored in his/her name card or when you call one of the numbers stored in this person's name card.
  • Page 25 SIM card. The names of these records come from the name field of the name cards. Move to phone (if the record is in the SIM card): The operation is similar to the above copying operation but will erase the source records after copying.
  • Page 26: Capacity

    When a note, email, address or postal code is selected, you can choose to: Modify name, Delete, Send Card, Modify and Display. 2.6.4 Capacity You may check the capacity of phonebooks in the SIM card and the phone respectively, to find out: How many entries being used Total capacity...
  • Page 27: Move All

    SIM card memory is not full, until all entries are copied to the SIM card memory or the SIM card memory is full. A name card in the phone memory may contain five phone numbers at most. Copy an entry in the phone memory to the SIM card memory will copy all these numbers to the SIM card memory, each number comprising a new entry, all under...
  • Page 28: Own Info

    number again and again. The preset IP number is service provider dependent. You may view or edit this number. When using a new SIM card, the IP number stored in the old SIM card become void. You are required to make sure that the preset IP number is correct.
  • Page 29: Transmission Between Phone And Pc

    2.7 Transmission between Phone and PC (optional item) PC Sync software is a powerful tool for managing your mobile phone information. A phone-specific data cable and PC are what you need to use the PC Sync to back up your phone information. Note: PC Sync software and data cable are optional accessories and may not be included in the standard package.
  • Page 30: Wallpaper

    and your PC is successfully connected to the MS before uploading or downloading any files. Wallpaper You can use the PC Sync software to open a picture file stored in the PC and download it to the MS. Before downloading the picture, you will be able to resize or crop the picture or allow it to adapt automatically to the viewer and then rename it before downloading it to the phone.
  • Page 31: Phonebook

    download new MIDI. Of course, you can also select from the list a location that has been taken, where the newly downloaded MIDI will replace the existing MIDI in that location. Phonebook This feature allows you to synchronize the phonebooks both on PC and on the phone so that the two can share the same content.
  • Page 32: Work As Modem

    from the phone to the lists of PC Sync software for you to be browsed, transmitted and modified. You can create a new SMS in the PC Sync software and then save or send it. If you choose not to send but to save it, it will be stored in the Outbox, marked as "Unsent", and can be sent later.
  • Page 33: Big Picture

    Windows 2000 Operating System as an example: Connect one end of the serial data cable (refer to accessories) to port COM1 (or COM2) port of the PC and the other end into the bottom of the phone. Select the 'add new modem' option from the Control Panel and select a standard modem type with a standard 28800 bps.
  • Page 34 picture. Similarly, when you dial a number in your record associated with a picture, the picture will be displayed as a background picture.
  • Page 35: Menu Operation

    3 Menu operation Note: only when a valid SIM card is installed can you access menus described below. Otherwise, if on any SIM card in the phone, the phone will get into the limited idle mode after turned on and the 'insert a valid SIM card' will be displayed in the screen.
  • Page 36: Inbox

    to send a short text message to another mobile phone or equipment capable of receiving SMS. Your phone supports EMS, you can receive/ send Group SMS, you can insert sound, picture, animation into the SMS you have sent. Inbox Your phone will store the received messages in its inbox.
  • Page 37: Outbox

    owing options: Reply: Automatically use the sender's number as the recipient's number and open an empty text editor where you can enter t h e t e x t m e s s a g e a n d s e n d i t d i r e c t l y afterwards.
  • Page 38: Write Message

    If "Send immediately" is selected, the message will be sent directly and will not be stored in the Outbox. Once you are in the "Sent Messages" and "Un- s e n t M e s s a g e s " o u t b o x f o l d e r s , t h e s h o r t messages will be displayed in a list.
  • Page 39 Input the phone number and move to an- other item with the Up/Down key; Press the right softkey to access the pho- nebook list and then press the left softkey to select. Confirm. The item thus selected is marked. If a name is selected, the text message will be sent to its default number.
  • Page 40: Garbage Message Box

    T h i s f e a t u r e p r o v i d e s s o m e p r e s e t s h o r t messages. You may choose any of them as desired.
  • Page 41 Validity Period Sets the length of time your message will be stored in the SMS center: 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week and Maximum. Status report This feature can be turned on or off. If it is activated, you will be reminded of the status of the message being sent, that is, delivered or failed to deliver.
  • Page 42: Delete Messages

    non-priority locations. If you receive Group SMS, the messages will be stored in your Mobile phone only but not in SIM card regardless of you have chosen SIM card as your priority location. User define SMS You can edit a user-defined short message. You can delete any unwanted user-defined short messages by simply clearing their contents.
  • Page 43: Broadcast Sms

    Voice mail number Under normal circumstances, you can obtain two numbers from your network provider. One number of messages for caller (voice message number). (The number can be set when using "Call forward"/.../ "Voice- mail" functions.) You need to input the number for activate messages when use to a voicemail message.
  • Page 44: Mms (Network Dependent)

    them. Note: When this function is activated, the phone's idle time will be reduced. Topics <Add New > You can add a new channel number to the channels list, i.e., adding a new broadcast reception type. The channel number contains 3-digit at most.
  • Page 45: Inbox Inbox When a new MMS report arrives at your phone, the phone will first prompt you of a new MMS and then store information about the new MMS in the Inbox. MMS are arranged in chronological order in the Inbox (the last one received is placed at the front).
  • Page 46: New

    allows you to: Reply: You can choose to reply with an SMS or MMS, where the sender's number will a u t o m a t i c a l l y b e c o m e t h e d e s t i n a t i o n number.
  • Page 47 Edit text: When an MMS contains text, you can access the text editor to re-edit the text. Add image: After you have selected the type of picture, you will enter the pictures list. If you have selected Photos list, the left soft key on the screen will display "Preview"...
  • Page 48: Sent

    Delete sound: To delete the sound object in the current page. This option is available only when the current page is the first page of the MMS, as only the first page allows the insertion of sound objects. Delete text: To delete text in the current page.
  • Page 49: Template

    Recipient: You can re-edit the recipient(s). Subject: You can re-edit the subject. CC: To access the "group sending" recipient input screen where you can add more recipients to the CC list. You can CC to a maximum of 8 persons. BCC: To access the "group sending"...
  • Page 50: Draft Box

    allows you to play the MMS currently selected. The "Options" soft key in the MMS play screen allows you to: Send: You can resend the MMS. Once successfully sent, the MMS in the "Unsent MMS"mailbox will be automatically deleted. Forward Delete: To delete the MMS.
  • Page 51: Settings

    Information: This option allows you to view details of the MMS. Settings MMS Settings menu enables you to set the MMS center and customize some settings. The menu includes the following settings options: Center of MMS: The IP address of the MMS service center.
  • Page 52 Delete Check number Save (for unsaved number only) Dial 3.2.4 Delete There are three submenus, namely dialed calls, answered calls and missed calls. Select a submenu and then confirm to delete all of the call information thereunder. 3.2.5 Call meters This feature tracks and records call times and call costs and is network dependent.
  • Page 53: Phone Settings

    your SIM card. It allows you to access the following operations and information: Show cost: to display the accumulative cost of all dialed and received calls since the last time you reset the cost meters; Reset charge counter: to reset the cost meter to zero (PIN2 code required);...
  • Page 54: Phone Settings

    There are five types of melodies available under each group and a tick will appear to the right of the type bar of the selected melody. Once you are in a melody type, you will find a list of melodies of this type. A tick appears to the right of the melody currently selected.
  • Page 55 User dictionary New: List: Delete all: Idle screen settings Variable parameters are listed below: The idle screen can be set as follows: Idle screen type You can specify the type of display on idle screen. There are four types of idle screen displays, including digital clock, analogue clock, month calendar and Universal time.
  • Page 56 two types: Animation and static. In animation background, only time will be displayed. In static picture background, "Show time only" option determines whether only time is displayed on the screen. If "Show time only" option is activated, only time will be displayed. Color theme You can set the phone's color theme (including the colors of the soft key bar, title bar, etc.)
  • Page 57 For a specific duration when a new event occurs. For a specific duration when there is an incoming call. For a specific duration when information about the call is displayed after ending a call. For a specific duration after receiving information from the network.
  • Page 58: Call Settings

    you are in the hotkey menu, select a hotkey and press [OK] or [Set] soft key to access the function list. You can then select a function from the list. If "Empty" is selected, the hotkey setting is cancelled. In idle mode, long press one of the keys, [2]- [9], will execute the function assigned to the key.
  • Page 59: Call Waiting(Network-Dependent)

    Once you are in this menu, you will be shown a list of the above four types of call forwarding, from which you can select one and confirm your selection so that the phone will send a request to the network to deactivate the call forwarding function.
  • Page 60: Anykey Answer

    You can select whether the emotion LED is activated or not during a call, if activated, the light will twinkle along with the volume what you said. AnyKey Answer When this feature is activated, you can answer a call by pressing any key except the [Power] key.
  • Page 61: Date/Time Settings

    the phone's current status: Whether the function is activated or deactivated. 3.3.4 Date/time settings You can use this menu to enter and set the date /time displayed on the phone by using the suggested format. 3.3.5 Guard settings Call filter This feature prevents incoming calls you don not want to answer.
  • Page 62: Information Privacy

    Call Screen set In the Call Screen menu, you can activate the "Black list" function, "White list" function or deactivate call screening (only one of the three functions is valid at one time). When you choose to activate the "Back list" function, the phone will automatically reject an incoming call that is included in the "Black list".
  • Page 63: 3Change Password

    or some of the above information type and you want to view or use the function, as well as the menu, you will be prompted to enter the protection password and you can use the function only when the entered password is correct. If the password is incorrect, the phone will display a password error message.
  • Page 64: Change Code

    country network are barred. All incoming: When activated, all incoming calls are barred. Bar roaming incoming: When activated, all incoming calls are barred when roaming. When activated, the phone will prompt you for your call barring password. If the password is correct, the phone will communicate with the network and request for access to the function.
  • Page 65: Network Settings

    Enter the new password and confirm your entry. Re-enter the new password and confirm, s y s t e m p r o m p t s t h a t t h e c h a n g e i s successful.
  • Page 66: Factory Settings

    Once a confirmation from you is received, the phone starts searching for available networks and then display them in a list on the screen. You can select any one of them and press the [Add] key to add the network to the end of the preferred network list.
  • Page 67: Quick Settings

    3.4 Quick settings Quick settings function allows you to access a group of predefined settings, which lets you quickly adapt your phone to your environment by changing several settings at once. There is a selected mark to the right of the current mode. Q u i c k s e t t i n g s a r e a g r o u p o f p r e s e t characteristic definitions that override the original settings when activated.
  • Page 68: Personalized Setting

    3.4.1 Personalized setting On the basis of the default settings, you can set the values in each mode according to your preference. Alert type You can define the method of alert when there is a call, e.g. to activate/deactivate ringer or vibrate.
  • Page 69: Organizer

    Flip tone You can define whether to produce an alert when cover is flip. Conn. alert You can define whether to produce an alert tone when the call is connected. Battery alert You can define whether to produce an alert when the battery runs low.
  • Page 70: New

    To view the event(s) on a certain day, you need to choose the date you want to check with the navigation key and then press the OK key to view the event(s). In a week calendar, the number of weeks that have lapsed (including the current week) in this year is shown at the upper left corner.
  • Page 71: Delete Passed Delete Passed After confirming, the phone will clear all occurred events. Capacity With this menu, you can check the space used by the events such as the number of events, total capacity and percentage of usage. Check all The event list displays all events for the current month, week or day.
  • Page 72: Alarm Clock

    means you will be reminded again of an occurred event if you have set your phone's current time before that event. 3.5.2 Alarm Clock This phone has a 24-hour alarm clock function. There are three sets of alarm clocks and you can activate or deactivate them.
  • Page 73: Stopwatch

    to continue with the calculation, you can enter an operator and use the result of the first operation as the first operand. The Left Softkey allows you to perform the following operations: Options menu includes: Clear, MC, MR, MS and M+. In which, Clear: To clear the editing window of the calculator and restart input.
  • Page 74: Auto On/Off

    3.5.6 Auto On/Off This phone model features an automatic On/Off switching function. You can set Auto On or Off separately. When this option is set to "ON", the phone goes to time editing window and prompts you to enter the time to switch the phone On/Off. If PIN code authentication is required to switch on the phone, the screen will stay at the PIN code input screen.
  • Page 75: Fun

    3.6 Fun 3.6.1 MP3 This handset supports MP3 function. You can download MP3 via USB and then play. Open the MP3 player interface, and then, the play list will appear on the screen. (The content displayed in the play list is related to the player mode and the data manage function) You can press up/down keys to select the item you want to play, or left/right keys to turn page...
  • Page 76: Boxman

    the shape of next block. The speed for the game is adjustable. Boxman You can push the box, but you cannot pull the box; and you can only push one box at a time! If you pushed all the boxes to the place marked with small flowers, you win the game.
  • Page 77 pictures" folder is used to store and manage pictures retrieved from the MMS you have received. The"Photos" and"Video"folders are used to store and manage pictures and videos taken by the built-in camera. In the Icons Group menu, you will also find the Delete image" "...
  • Page 78: Wap(Network-Dependent)

    3.7 WAP (Network-dependent) This phone has an integrated WAP browser. With the WAP, you have access to various WAP websites on the Internet. Note: To have access to the Internet, you need to subscribe data service function from your network operator. For details, contact your local network operator.
  • Page 79: Settings

    3.7.2 Settings Profiles There are three different mode settings available. You may activate and use one of the modes. You can also edit them. The specific settings of each mode are as follows: Note: The contents in square brackets are examples of the parameters of China Mobile.
  • Page 80: Stk Service

    GPRS settings You can set: Show settings:To display the current setting of the following items. Gateway: IP address: IP address of the gateway server. To enter 4 three-digit numbers and add a zero in front if there are less than 3 digits. [010. 000.000.172] IP port: IP port of the gateway server.
  • Page 81 the STK card by the phone and cannot be changed. Depending on the type of STK, the menu options may be varied and may be changed through your network operator. This phone supports the valued-added service provided by STK but different operators provide different types of service.
  • Page 82: Safety And General Information

    4. Safety and General Information Exposure to RF Energy Your phone contains a transmitter and a receiver. When it is ON, it receives and transmits radio frequency (RF) energy. The transmission power of mobile phone can be controlled with the network.
  • Page 83: Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

    Using non-Haier accessories may void the warranty. Haier is not responsible for damaged caused by using non-Haier accessories. Use only Genuine Haier charging accessories intended for specific phone models . Use of attachment not recommended by Haier may result dangers and void the warranty.
  • Page 84: Use While Driving

    Turn the phone off when it is not used for a long time. Children Your cell phone is not a toy. Make sure your phone is put in a safe place and out of reach of children. Do not allow children to play with your phone, it may cause injury or damage.
  • Page 85 Give full attention to driving and to the road. If possible, park your car before using your phone. Check the laws and regulations on the use of phones in the area where you drive. Always obey them. Consult the car manufacturer to ensure that electronic equipment used on your car is adequately shielded from electromagnetic interference.
  • Page 86: Mobile Maintenance

    D o n o t a t t e m p t t o r e p a i r t h e p h o n e o r i t s accessories by yourself. You can dial the hot line number of Haier when your phone can not be operated normally.
  • Page 87 Remedy Problem Flashing backlight and Detach the charger from the phone and battery icon, prolonged replace with a genuine one. beep and prompt "wrong accessory" You can not use the phone A car may contain some metal parts that in a car. absorb electromagnetic wave and thus have an adverse effect on phone performance.
  • Page 88 Remedy Problem You can not answer Check if call forward or call barring is activated. incoming calls. If yes, deactivate it. The SIM card may be damaged. Contact your The screen prompts a service provider. SIM card error. The screen prompts and Contact your service provider.