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Haier HG-Z1700 User Manual

Haier HG-Z1700 User Manual


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HG-Z1700 User manual
User Manual for

Mobile Phone

June, 2006


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Haier HG-Z1700

  • Page 1: Mobile Phone

    HG-Z1700 User manual Haier User Manual for HG-Z1700 Mobile Phone June, 2006...
  • Page 2 Function key Function keys represented with Haier H overstriking and frame Menu item Represented by italics with boldface Hold the call Note: The pictures used in the manual are the function illustration pictures only, and maybe they are...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Z1700 User manual CONTENTS SUMMARY..................................I SECURITY AND PERFORMANCE..........................5 START TO USE ............................... 9 ................9 ATTERY 1.1.1 The disassembly and installation of battery....................9 1.1.2 Battery charging ............................9 1.1.3 Use of battery.............................. 9 1.1.4 Indication of battery capacity ........................9 ..............
  • Page 4 Z1700 User manual ................. 20 MERGENCY CALL MENU OPERATION ............................. 21 ..............21 TRUCTURE OF MAIN MENU ..............21 ELECTION OF MAIN MENU ..............21 THER SELECTION MODES ..............21 UNCTION TABLE OF MENU PHONEBOOK ................................ 23 ................. 23 ................23 REATE ................
  • Page 5 Z1700 User manual 7.3.1 Wishful call ............................... 33 7.3.2 IP number ..............................33 7.3.3 Any key answer ............................33 7.3.4 Redial................................ 33 7.3.5 Auto answer .............................. 33 7.3.6 Hide my number............................33 7.3.7 Call waiting .............................. 33 7.3.8 Speed dial..............................33 7.3.9 Call forwarding............................
  • Page 6: Security And Performance

    ♦ Please keep the children from the mobile phone, charger or battery. Caution Changes or modifications made in the radio phone, not expressly approved by Haier, will void the user's authority to operate the equipment. RF Energy Interference/Compatibility This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 7 To maintain compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines, if you wear a radio product on your body when transmitting, always place the radio product in a Haier approved clip, holder, holster, case or body harness for this product. Use of non-Philips-approved accessories may exceed FCC RF exposure guidelines.
  • Page 8 Z1700 User manual ♦ It is prohibited to throw the battery into the fire for preventing from explosion. The discarded battery should be returned to the provider, or be put into he specified recycle bin; do not put them into the home waste.
  • Page 9 Device from other manufacturers ♦ If using the devices, cable or fitting parts from the other providers without Haier production or authorization, it is possible to result in invalidation for warranty; moreover, it has also influences on the normal use of the mobile phone. It is obligatory to use fitting parts of Haier.
  • Page 10: Start To Use

    Z1700 User manual 1 Start to use Before using the mobile phone, please read this chapter. The chapter will tell you how to install charge and maintain your mobile phone’s battery. It also tells you the information about the digital GSM network and instructs you how to insert and unlock SIM card.
  • Page 11: Connection Of Network

    Input PIN code, press left function key to confirm. For example: if PIN is set as 1234, then input as following: 1 2 3 4 Haier H If you continue inputting wrong code for three times, then your SIM card will be locked. The mobile phone will query PUK code.
  • Page 12: Connect To Network

    Z1700 User manual 1.2.4 Connect to network After SIM card is decrypted successfully, the mobile phone will search your registered network or local available network automatically (It will display “network is connecting, please wait for a while” in the screen). Once the connection is successful, the network sign for the network operator will appear on the top of the screen.
  • Page 13: Keys

    Z1700 User manual 1.4 Keys The index of function for keys is illustrated as following: Camera lens Side up Speaker Side down Backside Power Direction key Send Number/ Memory card Character * key # key Charger plughole 第 12 页...
  • Page 14: Input Of Number And Character

    When the alarm and schedule times out or missed call and unread messages prompt in the idle, the idle will display the corresponding icon (refer to section 1.3), to press Haier H key to select the menu and then use direction key to view the content directly.
  • Page 15: Input Message

    You may press L key or R key to choose the spelling you need, press U key or D key to look over the spelling options across pages and press Haier H key or 0 key to confirm your selection.
  • Page 16: Input Method Of Intelligent English

    You may press U key or D key to look over the candidate Chinese character across pages and use L key or R key to find out the Chinese character you need and then press Haier H key to input this Chinese character.
  • Page 17: Input Method Of Number

    You may press direction keys of up/down to select the symbol. After you find out the symbol needed, press Select key or Haier H key to complete the inputting of one symbol. When press * key again, it will exit the input method of symbol and automatically back to the input method which you used last time.
  • Page 18: Dial And Answer The Phone

    Z1700 User manual 2 Dial and answer the phone After the setting of mobile phone is completed, you can dial or answer phone. This chapter will provide all basic information you needed. 2.1 Turn on/off phone 1. Long press Pwr key to turn on phone, then the starting animation appears. 2.
  • Page 19: Make A Phone Call From Phonebook

    Z1700 User manual Dial international phone call When dialing international phone call, you only need input the symbol “+” (Long press 0 key until the symbol “+” displays on the display screen.), then input the country code and whole telephone number.
  • Page 20: During The Talking

    Z1700 User manual 2.4 During the talking During the talking, activate Option key, which may complete the following functions: Hold, Mute, New call, New SMS and Phone book. Select Hold to hold the current talk (related with SIM card), at this time both parties can not hear the voice, meanwhile the menu changes to Active, select this menu to return to normal talking.
  • Page 21: Conference Talking

    Z1700 User manual When the second call is active, activate Option key and implement the following functions: Switch, New SMS, Hang up, Mute, Conference (related with SIM card) and Phonebook. Select Switch to switch two calls. Select New SMS to enter new short message screen and complete the corresponding operation, press Back key to exit short message screen and back to talking status.
  • Page 22: Menu Operation

    Z1700 User manual 3 Menu operation This chapter will help you get to know the function and structure of the mobile phone’s menu, and detailed explain how to user-define the functions of mobile phone for meeting your needs, moreover represent you how to use basic operation function. 3.1 Structure of main menu The function menu of the mobile phone contains: Message, Call history, Phone setting, Phone modes, Entertainment and Tools.
  • Page 23 Z1700 User manual Outgoing calls Calls duration Phone setting Phone Ring Call Clock Network Security Factory restore Phone modes Normal Silence Meeting Outdoor Entertainment Camera FM radio Documents Haier Tools Alarm Schedule Calculator Stopwatch 第 22 页...
  • Page 24: Phonebook

    When inputting the mobile phone number, office phone number and home phone number, it will enter into the input screen of number, press Haier H key for confirmation. After completing the input, press Haier H key, the mobile phone will prompt “save successful”.
  • Page 25: Copy All

    Z1700 User manual 4.4 Copy all “Copy all” is a shortcut provided to replace the mobile phone or copying the information. It can copy the phone records in the phonebook with multi-ways. Select To SIM: copy to SIM card, the 3 phone numbers of each record will save as 3 records with same names in SIM card.
  • Page 26 Z1700 User manual the pronunciation of name and alphabet. After selecting the record, you may press Snd key to dial the telephone. Select Call to dial out the phone number selected; Select IP dial to insert IP number in the front of the phone number then dial out (The function is needed to set before use, and refer to section 7.3.2);...
  • Page 27: Message

    (When the input area has number, PB key on the bottom left corner will change to Haier H.) Press PB key to enter the screen of contact person, press U or D key to select the receiver, activate Option key, Select to...
  • Page 28: Receive Message

    Read SMS Select the message to read, and press Option to activate menu: Select Read to read the message or press Haier H directly; Select Reply to reply SMS or make call to the addresser; Select Forward to edit present message in text edit window and forward it to the desired number;...
  • Page 29: Outbox

    Select Delete to delete current message and back to “Drafts”, (If “Drafts” is empty, it will back to the screen of message.); Press Haier H to view message, then activate Option to operate as followings: Select Edit to access the edit screen of message and edit the message;...
  • Page 30: Archive

    Select Delete to delete current message and back to “My folder”, (If “My folder” is empty, it will back to the screen of message.); Press Haier H to view message, then activate Option to operate as followings: Select Edit to access the edit screen of message and edit the message;...
  • Page 31 Z1700 User manual With the Message screen displayed, highlight Voice mail and press select to display the Voice mail screen. Select Voice mail number to set your Voice mail centre number (contact your service provider for details of your Voice mail centre number). Select Get voice mail to call the Voice mail centre and retrieve your voice mails.
  • Page 32: Call History

    On the screen of Call duration, you may view: duration for the last call, total duration for outgoing &answered calls and total call duration. Press Clear key to clear call duration to zero, and press Haier H key to confirm; the system will prompt correspondingly, or press Cancel key to exit from current operation.
  • Page 33: Phone Setting

    In the window of “Language”, there are two choices namely simplified Chinese and English, use U、D key to select view the effect when setting,press Select or press Haier H key or tap the corresponding menu, confirm the content needed to modify;press Back to cancel the content selected。...
  • Page 34: Wishful Call

    “Home number” and press Select to enter the input screen for inputting correct number then press Haier H to input divert back time; press Select to select the “Period” among Mon-Fri, Mon-Sat and Sunday, press Select to complete the setting. The setting pocess of “Office number”...
  • Page 35: Call Forwarding

    (For example, when the network signal is not good or the signal environment is very poor); Cancel diverts to select the call diversion which is needed to cancel, press Haier H key to cancel the diversion, press Back key to the return the last menu;...
  • Page 36: Network

    Z1700 User manual : Format Set up the format to show the date. 7.5 Network When your mobile phone is roaming abroad, you need to select the network for it to connect the international GSM network. Generally, you can select the network mode of auto select (see below), or you also can select to search the available network automatically or manually (see below) .
  • Page 37: Factory Restore

    Z1700 User manual • All outgoing: All calls cannot be dialed out. Modify password: • Change restriction password of call: You can change the restriction password provided by the network. 7.7 Factory restore “Factory restore” is to resume all original default value. After selecting, the system will prompt “Master Reset”.
  • Page 38: Phone Modes

    Alert volume: to tune the volume of ring tone and receiver, select the content needed to set, and press Select key to enter the corresponding adjusting screen. Use U and D key to tune up/down the volume of ring tone for incoming calls. Press Haier H to confirm and prompt “Setting successfully”;...
  • Page 39: Entertainment

    Select Shutter sound:to make three shutter sounds available for audition by pressing the key Play or for confirmation of the selection by pressing the key Haier H; Select Self-taken: It is allowable for the self-shooting duration to be 5/10/15/20 seconds or to be closed.
  • Page 40: Documents

    Select Multi -Deletes: enter the window of selecting names, press the direction key of Up and Down to select the record to delete, press Haier H to select the linkmen, press Select to confirm the selection, and then realize deleting many options.
  • Page 41: Ring Tone

    That stored in preset music is the one from the system. Enter the window of preset music, and press the direction key of Up or Down to select the ring. Press Haier H to listen the ring, and press Stop to stop playing. Activate the key of Menu, and the functions in menu are show as following.
  • Page 42: Tools

    00:00, to select “Time” on the display screen to enter the screen of Time setting, input the time needed using the number keys, then press Haier H key to confirm. Secondly you need to conform Period is right. If not set the item, the alarm works once. If to set others, enter the item of “Period”, including four options:...
  • Page 43: Create

    Period:Refer to the period of event; Status:Refer to make the schedule item on/off. 10.3.3 Schedule list Simply press Haier H to enter scheduler list box, which is used to check all schedulers. Activate the key Option for following operations: :...
  • Page 44: Stopwatch

    Z1700 User manual Press Pwr key can cancel the input, exit the calculator screen and back to idle screen, or press Back key to exit after clearing the edit screen. In case that the calculation of number which is divided by zero produces a result over zero, or the result is above 999999999 or below -999999999,the prompt “E”...
  • Page 45: Common Questions

    Z1700 User manual 11 Common questions The mobile phone can not power on. The phone can not make call and power off due to lower battery. Please charge the battery. The mobile phone can not to dial some calls. The Call barring has been set, which restricts the use of mobile phone, please check and cancel it.
  • Page 46: Fittings

    Z1700 User manual 12 Fittings Charger It will charge the Li battery quickly and completely. The charge duration varies subject to the capacity of battery. Li battery (Two pieces) The Li battery xxxmAh can provide the standby duration lasting for XXX-XXX hours or call duration lasting for XX-XXX hours subject to practical using condition.
  • Page 47: Maintenance Guideline

    Z1700 User manual 13 Maintenance guideline Welcome to use mobile phone produced by Haier Company. Whereby a failure occurs in the use of your mobile phone, you are requested to contact with distributor or consult Haier maintenance center; whereby the repair is needed, your mobile phone may be sent/brought to local maintenance center(The specific maintenance centers shown in the voucher of warranty provided...
  • Page 48: Sar Information

    Z1700 User manual 14 SAR INFORMATION The SAR limit of USA (FCC) is 1.6 W/kg averaged over one gram of tissue. Device types HG-Z1700 (FCC ID: SG70605HG-Z1700) has also been tested against this SAR limit. The highest SAR value reported under this standard during product certification for use at the ear is 0.788 W/kg and when properly worn on the body is 0.353 W/kg.

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