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Search Contact; Add New Contact; Delete All Contacts; Caller Groups - Haier U69 User Manual

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Table of Contents

4.2 Search contact

Input the name to search the designated record.

4.3 Add new contact

Choose either the SIM names or phone names to store the new item

4.4 Delete all contacts

This feature allows complete erasing of all contacts either in SIM card memory or phone
memory, the information thus deleted is unrecoverable.

4.5 Caller groups

Classify a number of contacts into one group in accordance with their relationship.

4.7 Common Operation

4.7.1 Copy contacts

Copy all entries from SIM to phone, phone to SIM.

4.7.2 Move contacts

Move all entries from SIM to phone, phone to SIM
4.7.3 Delete all contacts
Delete all entries from SIM card or Phone.

4.7.4 Contacts backup

1, Backup phone contacts to Memory card
2, If you memory card have a backup file, you can restore contacts to Phone

4.7.5 Speed dial

Speed dial is a fast way to call one of your special numbers.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents