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Switch Input Methods; English Method; Input Special Character; Menu Operation - Haier HG-U69 Manual


Table of Contents

4.1 Switch input methods

While input a text, press the input icon to switch
from one method to another method.

4.2 English method

Switch to uppercase or lowercase mode.
Press a icon once to insert the first letter on the key,
twice for the second letter, etc.
If you pause briefly, the last letter in the display is
accepted and your phone awaits the next entry.

4.3 Input special character

When use any kind of method, Click to * icon to
display the character list, and then Click to the
direction icon to select the item. If you use English
method, you can also click to "1" icon to get the

5 Menu operation

The phone provides a serious of menu. And you can
select it according to your need. The functions exist
in these menus and submenus. Access the menus
by Clicking the shortcut icon or scrolling.
You can touch the screen to access all the menus.

6 Menu functions

6.1 Contacts

You can store the information in phonebook like
name, phone number etc.
The phone number can be stored in phone or SIM
Press "contacts" to enter phonebook in standby
mode. Select a number, then you can use to Send


Table of Contents

Table of Contents