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Haier D1200P User Manual

Haier D1200P User Manual

Haier cdma mobile phone user guide


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The information in this User Guide is based on the production standard
model of the D1200P CDMA mobile phone. As Haier Telecom Company
follows a policy of continuous development, the company reserves the
right to make adjustments, changes or revisions to all information given
herein, without prior notice. Haier Telecom Company makes no warranty
of any kind with regard to the contents given, including, but not limited to,
the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular
purpose. Furthermore, Haier Telecom Company shall not be liable for
errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in
connection with the furnishing, or use of this material. No portion of this
document may be photocopied, reproduced, or translated to another
language without the prior written consent of Haier Telecom Company.
This User Guide is edited and printed by the Haier Group Company.
Copyright@2007 Haier. All rights reserved.



Summary of Contents for Haier D1200P

  • Page 1 The information in this User Guide is based on the production standard model of the D1200P CDMA mobile phone. As Haier Telecom Company follows a policy of continuous development, the company reserves the right to make adjustments, changes or revisions to all information given herein, without prior notice.
  • Page 2 Welcome Connect to the world with the new Haier D1200P CDMA. Slim lines belie the power packed into its sleek ergonomic frame. Easy format schedule organizer. Call restriction. Sophisticated features give you every practical advantage in today's world of fast paced communication. Enhance your routine and give yourself a new horizon to experience life on the go.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1.Essential information ...1 2. Handset guide ...5 3. Menu overview ...21 4. Input method ...66 5.USB windows device driver installation guide ...68 6. Modem installation guide...76 7. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)...79 8.Trouble shooting...81...
  • Page 5: Essential Information

    1.Essential information Given here is essential information that will help you in the optimum operation of your mobile phone. By adhering to these guidelines you will be protecting yourself from unnecessary personal or financial damages or infringements of the law. Kindly read the User Guide in its entirety for complete information. 1.1 Safety guidelines Traffic regulations Traffic and road safety regulations prohibit your usage of the phone while driving.
  • Page 6 chemicals or particles, such as grain, dust, or metal powders; or any other area where you would normally be advised to turn off your vehicle's engine. Electric or static sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or fire resulting in serious injury or even fatalities.
  • Page 7 governing the usage of wireless technology. Advisory for persons with Pacemakers: ALWAYS keep the phone more than six inches from your pacemaker when the phone is turned on. Do not carry the phone in a breast pocket. Preferably use the ear opposite the pacemaker to minimize the potential for interference.
  • Page 8 has no RUIM card Emergency call procedure: Type in the local emergency number and press the send key. Emergency call numbers are: 100/101. Electronic devices Most modern electronic equipment is shielded from Radio Frequency (RF) energy emissions. However, certain electronic equipment may not be shielded against the RF signals emitted by your phone and care must be taken in usage of your phone next to sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Page 9: Handset Guide

    Protect your phone from rain, spilled beverages or other forms of moisture that can damage the electronics of your phone. Use the batteries and fittings manufactured by Haier Telecom Company only. The use of other fittings may cause dangerous accidents and void all warranties.
  • Page 10 2.1 Keypad 2.1.1 Power /End key The red key on top right corner of the keypad is power key. Pressing and...
  • Page 11 holding the key can switch on/off the mobile phone. Pressing the key once can end a call during a phone call, or pressing the key twice can reject an incoming call. Pressing the key in the menu can also return to the idle mode. 2.1.2 Send key The green key on top left corner of the keypad is the send key.
  • Page 12 Up key: Press this key to enter the Profiles menu directly. Left key: Press the key to enter the Scheduler menu directly. Right key: Press the key to enter the Messages menu directly. Down key: Press the key to enter the Names list. 2.1.5 OK/Hot key to WAP The OK/Hot key places within the 4-way navigation keys.
  • Page 13 Pressing these keys can enter the digits 0 to 9 (in idle mode or in number- inputting mode) or some associated characters (text editing mode) and perform associated functions (in a list). 2.1.9 Volume side key You can adjust the earpiece volume using side keys directly during a call or in idle mode except vibrate only mode .
  • Page 14 message icon disappears when you read all the unread messages. Full message When the SMS storage is full, the icon appears and the phone display shows SMS capacity full. Pls erase msg to proceed One or more messages must be erased before the new message can be stored. Alarm clock The icon appears when the daily alarm or the alarm for the specified date and time is set.
  • Page 15 When a profile is available, the icon corresponding to the profile name is displayed in idle mode: Vibrate only: For use when vibrate only is needed. Silent:For use when silence is needed. General:Is the default setup. Outdoor:For use in the outdoor. Meeting:For use in a meeting.
  • Page 16 When the new message is received: 1.Your phone makes alert tones (ringer, vibration or silence). 2.If the keypad is unlocked, your phone display will show ' message! '. Press key to view the message's contents and then press again to operate options. Press key or key to return to the idle mode, the new message-prompting icon is displayed on the screen.
  • Page 18 2.3.3 Installing the RUIM card Purchase a RUIM card from network operator. Your phone number and registration information are stored in your RUIM card. Your RUIM card can be used in any a CDMA phone. Your number and information will not change. Make sure to switch off your phone before taking out the battery.
  • Page 19 2.4 Charging the Battery The D1200P can be charged either when it is switched on or off. 1.Plug the charger transformer into a standard outlet. 2.Insert the charger output plug into charging connector of the bottom of the phone. 3.The rolling of the electric quantity bar indicates that the phone begins to charge.
  • Page 20 It is recommended that you charge the battery for three hours (full charging period) before you use it. Do not pull out the plug of the charger during charging to avoid electrical damage to the phone and the charger. 2.5 Headset If you connect the headset with the phone, it will be to activate headset mode or to match the volume of headset with that of mobile phone.
  • Page 21 lock code (if required). Note: If the RUIM card is invalid, the phone displays ' RUIM card rejected contact your network service provider. In the instances above mentioned, press key to only dial emergency call. 2.6.1 Entering your RUIM card PIN Code You can set protection code (PIN CODE) in order to prevent random using of your phone by others.
  • Page 22 the RUIM card will be automatically locked. In this condition, the phone will prompt for PUK (PIN Unlocking key). You can get the PUK from your mobile phone service provider. 2.6.2 Entering your Phone Lock Code The phone lock code is used to protect your phone from unauthorized use. It can be set automatically to lock your phone each time it is switched on or when in idle mode.
  • Page 23 numbers. To indicate that you are dialling a number, the word screen. If the call is not answered and you want to end the call, press If the call is connecting, the display will change to In Call end the call. 2.7.2 Dialling a number using the Recent Call List The mobile phone can store no more than 30 latest call logs (incomings, outgoings and missed calls).
  • Page 24 Speed dial is a fast way to call one of your special numbers. See ' menu. 2.7.5 Making an International call Press and hold key until ‘+’ appears on screen. Enter the country code, area code (without prefix zero) and phone number. Press key to dial.
  • Page 25: Menu Overview

    2.9.1 Mute Temporarily turns the microphone off during a phone call. Reselect this option to resume your conversation. 2.9.2 Names This function allows you to access the Names menu. 2.9.3 Menu By using this feature, you can directly enter the menu list. 3.
  • Page 26 3.1.1 Write message Allow user to edit text message. When composing text messages, check the number of characters allowed in the top right corner of the message. Per message can contain up to 160 characters. If you cross the limit, the phone prompts with a ' Sorry, No more space! ' pop-up message.
  • Page 27 You can use the Send to group option, scroll through a list of groups and select the one you want to send. Insert number When composing an SMS message, you can use the Insert number option, scroll through names list and select the number you want to insert into your new text message.
  • Page 28 The sender's phone number is displayed. When the sender's phone number is stored in the contacts list, the sender's name is displayed instead of the phone number. Press key to display the whole message details, the message contents, the phone number who sent it and when it was received. Here pressing allows you to call the sender.
  • Page 29 From the message view, you can choose to access the following options: Reply You can reply to the sender after opening the received message. Forward You can forward the received message to desired number.
  • Page 30 Use number If the Numbers available haven't been stored into the contacts list, you can save If the number has been stored into the contacts list, the phone displayed ' This number already exists Erase Allow you to erase the selected message. Connect URL Allow you to get the URL (starting by http://) from message content and connect this network.
  • Page 31 Erasing messages from the Draftbox can free up additional memory on your phone. 3.1.5 Voice mail If you subscribe to voice mail, your service provider will furnish you with a voice mailbox number. You need to save this number to your phone to use voice mail. By setting the call forwarding function, the incoming call is forwarded to your voice mail.
  • Page 32 Erase: Erase the selected quick text. Add new: Enter the text-editing interface and then save it. Send: You can send the selected quick text. 3.1.7Msg groups You can set no more than 5 groups, and you can add the member from the phone memory and the RUIM card memory names to any group.
  • Page 33 Clear all groups You can clear the members of all groups. 3.1.8 Erase msgs Access the Erase messages option to specify exactly which type of message you want to erase. By selecting Inbox , you can erase messages from the inbox folder. By selecting Outbox , you can erase messages from the outbox folder.
  • Page 34 Deferred delivery Allow you to select 'Immediate', 'After 1hr', 'After 5hr' or 'After 1day' option. You can choose the time when you want your message to be delivered. Note: This function is depended on the service provider's network. Priority The function allows you to select Normal, Urgent or Emergency.
  • Page 35 displayed through network. Note: The network determines whether this function is effective or not. Storage device You can select storage device in which the SMS can be stored in RUIM, phone, RUIM and phone. Send default message Allow you to select 'On' or 'Off' option. If you select 'On' option, the default message will be automatically sent to the caller's phone number when you ignore the incoming call.
  • Page 36 missed/received/dialled calls. 3.2.1 Missed calls With this function, you can view and erase no more than the last 30 missed calls you have received. You can also send a message to any missed call. See 'Detailed call records'. 3.2.2 Received calls With this function, you can view and erase no more than the last 30 incoming calls.
  • Page 37 Dialled call: To view when it was dialled, call duration and the phone number who received it. If the selected phone number cannot be stored in the contacts list, you can press to save it,otherwise just view it. Send message You can send message to the available number.
  • Page 38 Phone displays the time used by the last call since the counter was reset. Total received calls Phone displays the time used by received calls since the counter was reset. Total dialled calls Phone displays the time used by dialled calls since the counter was reset. Reset all You can reset the counter of the calls timer to zero.
  • Page 39 2. Press up/down key to highlight the profile you wish to activate, then press key to enter. 3. Press up/down key to highlight the 'Select profile' option, then press key to activate. Note: For short access to the profile mode press up navigation key in idle mode. When a profile is set, the icon which corresponds to the profile name is displayed on idle screen.
  • Page 40 By pressing key, you can activate the vibrate only option of the profile. 3.3.2 Silent Select profile: if you need a quiet environment, you can activate the silent option of the profile. Edit profile: According to the quiet environment, you can customize the profile mode.
  • Page 41 profile. Edit profile: According to the meeting environment, you can customize the profile mode. See 'Edit profile'. The default setting is the vibrator mode. 3.3.6 Headset Select profile: if you insert the headset, you can activate to the headset mode immediately.
  • Page 42 Allow you to adjust the volume of the Ringer. Earpiece volume Allow you to adjust the volume of the earpiece. Key volume Allow you to adjust the volume of the key. Message alert The message alert types have: Vibrate, Silence, Two beeps, Four beeps and Ring.
  • Page 43 to help the user know how many minutes have gone by while they are talking (if conversation is short). Call connect alert When a call has successfully connected, an alert will sound. Call end When a call has successfully ended (either by you or because the call is dropped), an alert will sound.
  • Page 44 3.4 Settings Settings allow you to customize your phone as per your preferences. 3.4.1 Display You can customize your display by creating a banner, adjusting the backlight, adjusting LCD contrast, selecting theme color, setting clock to show or hide, selecting the language, selecting the wallpaper, selecting the menu style. Banner You can set the greeting message which will appear in idle screen.
  • Page 45 You can set the clock whether show on the idle screen or not. Language Allow you to set the displayed languages. Wallpaper Allow you to set the wallpaper displayed on idle screen. The phone provides 6 kinds of paper. Menu style You can select different style of the function.
  • Page 46 3.4.3 Security Security menu protects your phone from unauthorized use. Before accessing this option, you will be asked to enter lock code (The default is 000000). Lock mode This option is used to set the lock code. The lock code can be set to protect your phone from unauthorized use. It can be set to automatically lock your phone each time it is switched on or is in idle mode.
  • Page 47 This option is used to change the lock code. After selecting this option, you will be asked to enter new lock code to replace the old code. The new lock code must be entered again as confirmation. Reset Allow you to restore your phone to the factory settings. PIN Management This option is used to set and change the PIN code.
  • Page 48 The phone will ask for enter a new 4~8 digits code to replace the old PIN code. The new PIN code must be entered again as confirmation. Call restriction With the Call restriction, you will be asked to enter password before accessing the particular restricted option (The default is 000000).
  • Page 49 Call forward is a network service. This service is used to forward incoming calls to your voice mail system or to another number depending on certain conditions in which your phone is unavailable or you don't want to receive any call. Unconditional This function will unconditionally forward all incoming calls to voice mail or other number.
  • Page 50 3.5.3 Any key answer If it is set to on, it allows you to answer an incoming call by briefly pressing any key except the Power key and Volume side key. 3.5.4 Auto redial If it is set to on, it allows you to automatically redial the number if the first attempt was unsuccessful.
  • Page 51 3.6 Tools 3.6.1 Scheduler You can use the scheduler function to set reminder/alerts for various events, meetings and more. The time entry is available in a 12-hour format only. Add new You can set date on the calendar. Inputting the information to the phone and then add alarm clock time.
  • Page 52 Quick alarm The quick alarm clock can set different alarm times ‘After 10min’,‘After 30min’, ‘After 1h’, ‘After 3h’, ‘Off’. The alarm can't be used when the mobile is power off. Snooze mode It can be set to turn off the alarm completely by pressing any key when the alarm wakes up.
  • Page 53 To clear the entered number or operand, press key [Erase]. To calculate the result, press key [Result] or press key [=]. 3.If you wish to start a new calculation, press key [Reset]. 4.If you close the calculator function, press key [Back]. Note: For a limited degree of accuracy, this function should only be used for reference.
  • Page 54 Only one chessman can be erased at one time. Player wins if there is only one chessman left in the center of the chessboard. 3.7 Haier feature 3.7.1 Menu Items Lock Code The user can protect important information in the mobile from use by others.
  • Page 55 phone. The default lock code is 000000, but user can change the password in security menu. The information includes Messages, Contacts, Call history, Alarm clock and Scheduler. Select any of the information and press key, allows you to access the following options: Enable Press key to validate making tick in checkbox.
  • Page 56 1.Press key to enter the black number list. 2.Select any one of records and press key, the phone displays the following options: Edit Allow you to modify the black number or search from contacts to add. After that press key to select Ok option to confirm. Erase One Allow you to erase the selected black number.
  • Page 57 the Incoming Call Guard will not work. 3.8 My Menu 3.8.1 WAP Your phone supports WAP 2.0. You can use this facility to connect to selected services on the mobile Internet. This menu option allows you to download a host of exciting content with WAP browser.
  • Page 58 New Bookmark You can write and save the new bookmark. New Folder You can create new folder to save bookmark. PHSH messages List of PUSH messages received. Advanced By pressing key, you can access the following options: Open URL You can input web page address of a site you want to visit and press 'OK' to connect.
  • Page 59 Advanced Option You can customize these options in this menu. Clear Cookies Clear history record of browsed web pages. Set Background Music You can set the background music whether open or not while browsing web page. Setting You can change some settings in this menu. Set Gateway You can set gateway as per your preferences.
  • Page 60 Arrow: scroll display and switch focus; Left Arrow:go forward; Right Arrow: back; Select Key: OK; Left/Right Softkey: correspond to display; Send Key: interrupt the downloading; Keep Pressing * key: page up; Keep Pressing # key: page down; About Information of WAP you use. Exit Browser Stop the connection to the network and return to the upper menu.
  • Page 61 In this menu user can view downloaded images, music ring tones and available memory status for WAP etc. 3.9.1 Picture You can download images from mobile Internet sites and manage them. 3.9.2 Music The function allows you to download music from mobile Internet sites, and then to manage them.
  • Page 62 Ascend/Descend You can sort the information downloaded from mobile Internet by Ascend or Descend. 3.10 Names You can store names and phone numbers in your phone or RUIM card memory. In idle mode, press to access the names function.
  • Page 63 3.10.1 List You can use this function to search records, to dial directly, to execute erase, copy or send a message and to edit operations. Press key to enter the names list. If you need to browse phonebook's information, input the alignment characters, your mobile phone will then attempt to match the characters with the names in...
  • Page 64 your Phonebook. Once the number you prefer is displayed, you can press key to call this number. Select any record and press key to access the following functions: Details In a contacts list, you can view the following items: Items stored in the phone memory Name: Up to 14 characters Number: Up to 20 digits, 3 phone numbers...
  • Page 65 For details operations please refer to 'Details Submenus'. Details Submenus function as following: Send Message: Allow you to send the message to the selected number. Erase: You can erase the desired entries. Edit: You can edit the saved number, name and group. Find You can search a phone number from the phone book names.
  • Page 66 network service providers. If you add a new item to the phone memory, you need to enter one of the following: Phone Number, Address, Email, URL and Note, and you can select a group and ring tone for incoming call. If you add a new item to RUIM card, you need to enter: Phone Number .
  • Page 67 With the copy function, you can copy items stored in RUIM card memory to phone memory. and vice versa. All Copy Allow you to copy all of the RUIM card memory entries to phone memory and vice versa. Choice Copy You can selectively copy the record.
  • Page 68 Note: : The icon indicates that the names list has been selected. 3.10.5 Groups Your mobile phone provides 9 groups in which 7 groups are by default other 2 groups can be added. There are seven groups, including No group, Family, Friends, Colleagues, VIP, Business and Personal.
  • Page 69 You can add two new group names to the phone. 3.10.6 Erase all Before accessing this option, you will be asked to enter lock code (the default is 000000). This feature allows complete erasing of all contacts either in RUIM card memory or Phone memory;...
  • Page 70: Input Method

    You can check the memory status of the RUIM card and phone memory, including free memories and total memories. 4. Input method This mobile phone uses the eZi input Method. When using your mobile phone there will be many times that you will need to input text e.g. sending messages, entering names into the Phonebook, editing the greetings message, etc.
  • Page 71 1.Tap the key several times until 'Abc' is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen, then you can type the first letter in uppercase. When you have typed the first letter, 'Abc' will be changed to 'abc' automatically. 2.Tap the key several times until 'abc' is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen, then you can type in lowercase letters.
  • Page 72: Usb Windows Device Driver Installation Guide

    5.USB windows device driver installation guide 5.1 Introduction This document is a user guide for USB Windows device driver installation process. The USB Windows device driver provides the interface between the operating system and Haier D1200P handsets, allowing user applications to...
  • Page 73 communicate with devices. This installation guide is intended to provide a detailed description of the USB Windows device driver installation process. We will supply an accessory CD including this driver. 5.2 Components Upon successful completion of the installation process, the following files will be located in the specified directories folders: C:\Program Files\VIA Telecom\VIA CBP USB Driver\*.inf: ViaUsbEts.inf...
  • Page 74 1.To install the USB Windows device driver, you must first start the Setup application, ViaUsb_Setup.exe, by double-clicking the associated icon. Figure 1-USB Windows Device Driver Setup Icon 2. The USB Windows Device Driver Setup Welcome dialog box will appear. Figure 2-USB Windows Device Driver Setup Welcome Dialog Box...
  • Page 75 Next 3.Click the button to continue. The License Agreement dialog box appears. Figure 3-USB License Agreement Dialog Box 4. To continue, you must accept the License Agreement by clicking the button. If you select the button, the following dialog box will appear, confirming whether you truly wish to terminate the installation process at this time.
  • Page 76 Figure 4-USB Windows Device Driver Setup Process Termination Confirmation Dialog Box If you select the button, the installation process is terminated. If you select button, the License Agreement dialog box (Figure 3) will reappear. Upon agreeing to the License Agreement (Figure 3), the Customer Information Request Dialog Box will appear.
  • Page 77 The USB Installation Status Message dialog box will then appear indicating what percentage of the file copying task is complete. Figure 6-USB Driver Installation Operation Status Message Upon completion of this step, the following message box appears.
  • Page 78 Figure 7-USB Device- Discovery Action Request Message 6. Click and connect the PC and the phone using the USB cable that we supplied. Then the following message box will only appear for a very short period of time, followed by the Window Hardware Installation Wizard's Device- Found Notification for the USB Hub, the USB ETS device, and the USB Modem device.
  • Page 79 Figure 9-Windows Device Manager's Device Discovery Notification for the CBP USB Modem Device 7. An examination of the Windows Device Manager's device list (as depicted in Figure 10) will evidence the successful installation of the USB devices, namely: VIA Telecom USB Hub Device VIA Telecom ETS Device VIA Telecom CBP USB Modem Figure 10-Windows Device Manger's Device List After Successful...
  • Page 80: Modem Installation Guide

    This USB driver just supports windows 2000 and windows XP operating system. If the 'Digital Signature Not Found' dialog box (like Figure 11) appears, you need only click the button. Figure 11-Windows Device Manager's Device-Discovery Notification that the CBP USB Modem Device- Driver Lacks WHQL Certification 6.
  • Page 81 1. Connect the PC and the phone using the cable that we supplied. 2. Add a new windows standard modem driver, i.e. Install process: Enter Control panel Enter Add/remove a hardware Enter add a new device Install a new modem Choose a modem driver...
  • Page 82 Recommend: Standard 56000 bps v90 modem for windows 2000 Standard 33600 bps modem for windows XP 3. Make a new dial-up connection Enter Network and Dial-up Connections Make new connection Click Next as follow 4. Dial-up to the network...
  • Page 83: Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

    You can get the user and password from your mobile phone service provider. 7. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Here you will find answers to questions that you may have about your Haier D1200P mobile phone. Q. What is my Security Code? A.
  • Page 84 suggested that you change this code immediately. Q. How to change the RUIM Lock? A. Settings Security Enter Lock code (By Default lock code is 000000) Management Change PIN Enter old PIN (By Default PIN is 1234) new PIN Repeat new PIN Ok Q.
  • Page 85: Trouble Shooting

    1 key. Follow the phone instructions to listen to your voice mail. 8.Trouble shooting If there are troubles when using your phone, please refer to the following table. If there are still questions, please dial Haier service telephone to solve.