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Input Method - Haier HG-M720 User Manual

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In idle mode, press and hold 2-9 key to make phone call you set.
5. Ending a call
You can end a call at any time by pressing end key till the call has been terminated.
2.4.2 To receive a call
When an incoming call arrives, phone will alert you.
Press the send key to answer.
Press RSK [Mute] once to close incoming ringer, press RSK [Reject] twice to reject the
2.4.3 During a phone call
During a phone call, press left/right navigation key to increase/decrease the volume, press
RSK to activate hand-free function, press LSK to view the following options:
1. Hold call
This is useful if you want to make a new call during a call. Put the current call on hold, but
maintain connection of the communication line.
2. End call
End the current call.
3. New call
Enter the digital dialing contact surface.
4. Phonebook
Allow you to view the Phonebook option.
5. SMS
Allow you to view the Messages option.
6. Recorder
Allow you to record the call sound.
7. Mute
Allow you to temporarily turn the microphone off.
Dual Tone Multi Frequency
This function allows you to set whether send out DTMF signal.

3. Input method

When you are in a display that allows characters to be entered, you will notice the text
input mode indicator on the display. You can change the Text Input Mode by pressing #
Key and insert symbols by pressing * Key. To insert a space between characters, press 0
key except in Numeric mode.