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Recording Video - Siemens SISTORE AX9 250 User Manual

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Recording video

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Clicking Camera and selecting the camera number is the same as pressing the
individual camera buttons on the front panel which displays the selected camera
full screen. When in the PIP display mode, clicking the right mouse button and
selecting PIP changes the location and the size of the PIP.
Selecting PIP, 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 display the cameras in the selected multi-view
screen mode.
Clicking Previous Group or Next Group is the same as pressing the Left or Right
buttons on the front panel which moves to the previous or next page.
Selecting Edit Group supports the active cameo function. Select Edit Group and
choose a camera that you want to change display position (e.g., Camera A). Then,
click the right mouse button to display the menu. If you select another camera in
the menu (e.g., Camera B), the screen displays Camera B instead of Camera A.
When in the 4x4 format, Camera A and Camera B will switch positions.
Once you have installed the DVR following the instructions in Section 7:
Installation, it is ready to record. The DVR will start recording based on the settings
you made in the Record setup screen. See Section 8: Configuration.
"Recycle On" or "Recycle Off". The factory default is "Recycle On". It does this by
recording over the oldest video once the hard disk is full. Setting the DVR to
"Recycle Off" causes it to stop recording once the hard disk is full.
"Standard" or "High". The factory default resolution is "Standard". When set to
"Standard", the DVR has a maximum recording speed of 200 ips for PAL resolution
(240 ips for NTSC). When set to "High", the DVR has a maximum recording speed
of 100 ips for PAL (120 ips for NTSC).
When the DVR is in the search mode, the maximum recording speed decreases by half. For example,
in the search mode, the DVR's maximum recording speed decreases to 100 ips for PAL (120 ips for
NTSC) when set to Standard resolution.
Pressing the Panic button starts panic recording of all cameras, and pressing the
button again stops panic recording. If you set the Panic Recording Duration in the
Record Screen, panic recording will stop automatically according to the preset
duration as long as the Panic button is not pressed.
When the DVR is not in the Recycle mode and all available storage space has been used, panic
recording will not operate.
Although you will be able to record without changing the unit from its original
factory settings, you will want to take advantages of the DVR's many tools. See
Section 8: Configuration for detailed descriptions of the recording mode options.


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