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Video Network Manager; Video Drivers - Siemens DMS8000 Installation Operation, Manual, Configuration

Nice/river digital video recorders add-on module
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Configuration procedure for Network and Driver
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applicable), including Digital Video Recorders or DVRs (NiceVision Digital products)
and digital Decoders (NiceVision Net products).
Depending on the type of integration, MM8000 allows accessing to video images in
MM8000 event treatment and navigation as well as providing states of video devices.
The detailed list of supported products and version is provided in the latest
MM8000/MK8000 Release Notes.

Video Network Manager

In Composer, to support the video network communication, you must add the Video
Network Manager (VNM) to the MM8000/MK8000 configuration. Proceed as follows:
 The Composer plug-in #251701 is required.
1. In the MM8000 physical configuration, select the main station name:
Supervisor System Settings > MM8000 System > Physical configuration > <Station
In MK8000 projects, the selection is quite similar:
MK8000 System > MK8000 > Physical configuration > <Station name>
2. In the toolbar, click the VNM icon
 A new node is added. No further configuration is required for the VNM.
Note: Adding the VNM results in the entire Composer project being expanded to
support the CCTV functions. Particularly, the new tab Camera Extensor is added to all
nodes. Depending on the size of the configuration tree, the operation may take a few
New tab added by the VNM in the MM8000 project
Camera Extensor tab
In the Camera Extensor tab, you can see the camera associations and manually add
one or more cameras to the list associated with the selected node. Also, for dome and
PTZ cameras, you can set the default Preset Position (where the camera is moved
when it is first selected during event treatment).
Refer to the point customization section of the
Commissioning (ICC)
manual for more information about the Camera Extensor tab.

Video Drivers

The communication with NICE and RIVER video server requires a specific driver under
the Video Network Manager (VNM) node, the NR Driver.
MM8000 Installation, Configuration and



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