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Active Cameo Mode; Pip Mode; Zoom Mode - Siemens SISTORE AX9 250 User Manual

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Active Cameo mode


PIP mode


Zoom mode

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If all the cameras in a page are Off, have lost video or are set to Covert (unless the
user has authority to view covert cameras), that page will be excluded from the
The Full Sequence for the full sequence monitoring and the Cameo Sequence for the cameo
sequence monitoring should be selected in the Display setup screen (Sequence tab).
Pressing the Freeze button will freeze the current image on the screen until you
press the button again. While in the Freeze mode, the icon
left corner if Freeze is selected in the Display setup screen (OSD tab).
To display cameras sequentially on a spot monitor, press the Spot button and
select the Spot Monitor and Sequence from the menu.
You can enter the Active Cameo mode by pressing the
format. The yellow outline surrounding the video indicates the active cameo, and
pressing the arrow buttons moves the active cameo. Pressing the
in the Active Cameo mode exits the Active Cameo mode. The active cameo mode
will remains in effect for 15 seconds if there is no further operation.
In active cameo mode, press the button for the camera you want displayed as
active cameo. After setting the camera number to active cameo, the DVR moves
the active cameo to the next cameo. You can change the screen layout in this way.
You can display a Picture-in-Picture by pressing the Display button. You can
change the location of the PIP counter-clockwise and clockwise by pressing the Up
and Down arrow buttons and change its size by turning the Jog Dial clockwise or
You can enlarge an area of the video by pressing the Zoom button. For a few
seconds after pressing the Zoom button, a PIP displays. Inside the PIP, a
rectangle shows the area that is enlarged. You can move the rectangle around
using the arrow buttons. While in the Zoom mode, you can enlarge the area more
by pressing the
button. The Zoom mode options are 2x, 3x and 4x. Exit the
Zoom mode by pressing the Zoom button. While in the Zoom mode, the icon
displays in bottom-left corner if Zoom is selected in the Display setup screen (OSD
displays in bottom-
button in any multi-view
button while


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