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Recording Audio; Playing Recorded Video - Siemens SISTORE AX9 250 User Manual

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Recording audio


Playing recorded video

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If the DVR was set up to record audio, it will record audio from up to four inputs
when video is recording. The DVR will not record audio when the recording speed
is set to less than 1 ips.
Make certain you comply with all local and federal laws and regulations when recording audio.
If a user who has Search authority logs into the system, the user can view
recorded image. Once video has been recorded, you can view it by pressing the
Play/Pause button. When playing video for the first time, the DVR will display the
most recent image. When playing video subsequent times, the DVR will start
playing video from the last recalled image. Recorded audio will be played when the
DVR displays a camera with recorded audio in full screen mode.
While playing back video, the recording speed might decrease.
Only the administrator and users with Covert Camera View authority can view video from covert
cameras. The covert cameras in the playback mode are determined by the current camera settings.
Pressing the Play/Pause button again will freeze the video on the screen.
Camera buttons (1 to 16)
Display button
Search button
RW (Rewind) button
Previous button
Play/Pause button
Next button
FF (Fast Forward) button
Pressing the individual camera buttons will cause the selected
camera to display full screen. Buttons 1 to 9 are also used to
enter passwords.
The Display button has two functions. First, it toggles between
different display formats. The available formats are: 4x4, 3x3,
2x2 and PIP. Second, pressing and holding the button for 5
seconds or longer will switch the video output between Video
Out (BNC or SVHS Out) and VGA Out.
Pressing the Search button enters the Search menu. Pressing
the button again exits the Search mode. You will need to log
into the system with a qualified user to enter the Search mode
from the Live Monitoring mode.
Pressing the RW button plays video backward at high speed.
Pressing the button again toggles the playback speed from
. The screen displays
Pressing the Previous button goes to the previous image.
Pressing the Play/Pause button plays back images at regular
speed. Pressing the button while in the Playback mode pauses
the video. The screen displays
back video. The screen displays
Pressing the Next button goes to the next image.
Pressing the FF button plays video forward at high speed.
Pressing the button again toggles the playback speed from
. The screen displays
when the DVR is playing
when in the Pause mode.


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