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Recording Video; Recording Audio - Siemens SISTORE AX9 User Manual

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Recording Video


Recording Audio

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Fig. 74
Preset View screen.
You can save camera position settings as "presets" so that you can go directly to
desired views. Once you have the camera at the desired settings, press the
Search button, and the PTZ Preset dialog box will appear. Select the number you
want to assign to the preset and press the
enter the preset name. Press the Menu button to load the PTZ preset and the
Preset View dialog box will appear. Select the desired preset and press the
button to load the preset.
Once you have installed the DVR following the instructions in Chapter 2 —
Installation, it is ready to record.
Although you will be able to record without changing the unit from its original
factory settings, you will want to take advantages of the DVR's many tools. See
Chapter 3 — Configuration for detailed descriptions of the recording mode options.
The DVR is NOT recording if only the red LED above the REC button is lit. When the DVR is set for
Time-lapse or Event recording, the red LED above the REC button indicates the unit is ready to
record. The red dot appears on the monitor when the clock reaches a scheduled recording time and
the DVR starts recording video.
If the DVR was set up to record audio, it will record audio when video is recording.
Make certain you comply with all local and federal laws and regulations when recording audio.
button. Use the virtual keyboard to



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