Siemens DMS8000 Installation Operation, Manual, Configuration

Nice/river digital video recorders add-on module
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DMS8000 MP4.xx
NICE/RIVER Digital Video
Recorders Add-on module

Operation Manual

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  • Page 1: Operation Manual

    DMS8000 MP4.xx NICE/RIVER Digital Video Recorders Add-on module Installation Operation Manual Configuration Building Technologies A6V10097205_a_en 30.09.2016 CPS Fire Safety...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents About this document ......................4 Safety regulations ....................7 Country-specific standards ................... 7 Commissioning and testing .................. 7 Modifications to system design and products ............7 Introduction ......................8 Installation ......................9 Software installation ..................... 9 3.1.1 Software License ..................
  • Page 4: About This Document

    NICE and RIVER Video systems in MM8000 management stations. This guide is part of the general DMS8000 engineering documentation set which includes the Composer Technical Manual, the other DMS8000 Connectivity Guides (the complete list includes: Network, Fire, Intrusion, Access Control, Video, and OPC), and the Installation, Configuration, and Commissioning manual (ICC) for each specific product.
  • Page 5 4. In the list, select one or more documents and click the Download Assets icon. 5. After the download preparation completes (Background Process …), click Download and follow the instructions of your browser. For more information such as Siemens news and announcements, visit the STEP Web portal at:
  • Page 6 For more information on creating flowcharts, material are indicated with an arrow and the see Flowcharts [→92]. page number, enclosed in brackets: [→92] Modification index Note: For versions more than four years old, please visit the Siemens Asset Portal. Version Date Notes A6V10097205_a_en 09.2016...
  • Page 7: Safety Regulations

    Country-specific standards Siemens products are developed and produced in compliance with the relevant international and European safety standards. Should additional country-specific, and/or local safety standards or regulations concerning project planning, installation, and/or operation of the product(s) apply, then these standards and/or regulations must also be taken into account, in addition to the safety regulations mentioned in the product documentation.
  • Page 8: Introduction

    Introduction 2 Introduction NICE Systems Company provides NiceVision video security solutions, including video recording and decoding systems that can be integrated in MM8000 management stations. Building Technologies A6V10097205_a_en CPS Fire Safety 30.09.2016...
  • Page 9: Installation

    1. Start the Add-on Manager. – From the Windows Start menu, select the following: Start > DMS8000 > Tools > Add-on Manager  The Add-on Manager window appears. 2. In the list of MM8000 Add-Ons/Name, select the name of the module you wish to install -- OR –...
  • Page 10: Removing The Add-On Module

    Installation Software installation 3.1.3 Removing the Add-on module Add-on module cannot be uninstalled. Building Technologies A6V10097205_a_en CPS Fire Safety 30.09.2016...
  • Page 11: Configuration

    4. Link DVR to the Driver. 5. Connect the monitors. Configuration procedure for Network and Driver The DMS8000 systems MM8000 and MK8000 can support various NICE video systems of the NiceVision family (and the corresponding RIVER products when Building Technologies...
  • Page 12: Video Network Manager

    Configuration Configuration procedure for Network and Driver applicable), including Digital Video Recorders or DVRs (NiceVision Digital products) and digital Decoders (NiceVision Net products). Depending on the type of integration, MM8000 allows accessing to video images in MM8000 event treatment and navigation as well as providing states of video devices. The detailed list of supported products and version is provided in the latest MM8000/MK8000 Release Notes.
  • Page 13: Configuration Procedure For Dvrs

    Configuration Configuration procedure for DVRs Communication Security Depending on the video system security setting, the driver may need a username and password to access the NICE/RIVER video server. In general, a secure communication is strongly recommended. In the on the Database Connection Info setting of the AMS tool, do not check the option Allow Default SDK Authentication and make sure to define a user account fore remote connection in the Administrator tool.
  • Page 14 Configuration Configuration procedure for DVRs 2. In the Setting section, enter the IP address, which should match the value locally set in the DVR unit. 3. Check the Enable Secure Connection checkbox and enter Username and Password of the account defined as Recorder Password in the NICE/RIVER SiteBuilder tool.
  • Page 15 Configuration Configuration procedure for DVRs Connecting the cameras 1. Select and expand the DVR node. 2. Select and expand the Video In Folder. 3. Add the required video inputs by clicking the Video In icon . Press SHIFT key when clicking the icon to add multiple nodes at once. 4.
  • Page 16: Configuration Procedure For Decoders

    Configuration Configuration procedure for Decoders Configuration procedure for Decoders The following is the configuration procedure for a Decoder unit. Adding a folder Optionally, create a folder for the Decoder unit.  Adding the Decoder node 1. Select the new folder. 2.
  • Page 17 Configuration Configuration procedure for Decoders Connecting Decoder outputs to Monitor inputs Building Technologies A6V10097205_a_en CPS Fire Safety 30.09.2016...
  • Page 18: Technical Notes

    Technical notes Limitations 5 Technical notes Special Settings on AMS Server with multiple IP addresses If the AMS server (NICE/RIVER video server) is equipped with network adapter(s) handling more than one IP address, make sure to apply the following setting: 1.
  • Page 19: Operation

    Operation MM8000 PTZ control panel 6 Operation MM8000 PTZ control panel MM8000 operations are described in the MM8000 Operation Manual (document no. A6V10062409). When operating with NICE/RIVER video systems in event treatment and plant browsing, a specific control panel is provided for the cameras equipped with PTZ control features.
  • Page 20 Issued by © Siemens Switzerland Ltd, 2016 Siemens Switzerland Ltd Technical specifications and availability subject to change without notice. Building Technologies Division International Headquarters Gubelstrasse 22 CH-6301 Zug Tel. +41 41-724 24 24 Document ID A6V10097205_a_en DMS8000 Technical Material Edition 30.09.2016...